Cook Happy Cook Healthy by Fearne Cotton




The recipes in here are just fantastic. They are so easy to make and I haven’t found one yet that is a badun’. The illustrations and photos are wonderful.

I haven’t made any of her scrummy looking cakes and biscuits yet as I am on such a restricted elimination diet, but I can highly recommend;

Scrambled Tofu On Rye.

Pan Fried Courette with cumin & goats cheese:  although I swapped the goats for Feta (ewe and goats milk).

Sri Lankan Vegetable Cury with brown rice: I took out the tomatoes, curry and chilli powder and it still tasted super delicious.

Quick Quesadilla: They were to die for!! However i had these before dairy was whipped away from me to. I made my own tortillas using wholemeal spelt flour, as the gluten index is so low. For my recipe click here..

Almond Milk: This is one of the best I have made to date. So delicious. I use small retro glass milk bottles from lakeland to store it in. However now I am on no sugar (of any sort) diet for the next few months, I can’t use the medjool dates in the recipe, so I have just plain old almonds. I have adapted my own recipe to make just 250ml of milk (one bottle) for when I am travelling. Click here for the recipe.


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