Deliciously Ella Every Day – Ella Woodward



Anyone thats had to dramatically change their diet will love Ella’s recipes. Since she only went down the healthy eating road because of a serious health issue, most of her been in a  recipes suit my needs. She also ROCKS at deserts… THANK YOU ELLA xx

Here are a few I recommend.

Chocolate Caramel Slices – I made these when I came off refined sugar at the beginning of my troubles. These taste to me like twix’s, they are so delicious. I make a huge batch and then freeze them in slices, so I can just nip to the fridge and have one when I feel like it. I currently have a whole load in my freezer waiting for me to finish my elimination diet.. I. CAN. NOT . WAIT.

Coconut And Raspberry Mousse – in one word. DELICIOUS.

Warm Beet And Apple Juice – SO SO GOOD. One word of warning, do not over heat like i did once and then drink it… it will seriously burn your mouth.

Creamy Carbonara – Heads up, you need to soak the cashews in advance to 3-4hours.. but it really is worth the wait.

The Best Backed Sweet Potato –  I think the name of it sums it up really. I am not a huge sweet potato fan but this was really yummy.





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