Hemsley Hemsley Good + Simple by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley



This book is packed full to the brim with healthy recipes, juices and snacks, it also includes lots of meat recipes. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, so having a few wonderful meat dishes to include in my diet has been great.  Here are some of my favourites

Hemsley Green Machine – When trying to pack in the green stuff and include chai seeds, coconut oil and turmeric to help my body heal.. this juice did it all.

Beetroot Feta Cake – I bought myself a super spirlizer, in fact it was the Hemsley sisters very own branded one as it works so much better than the old one I had. Being able to eat feta, as long as it wasn’t of the cows milk variety, this recipe added so much flavour teamed up with my daily super green salad during summer.

Celeriac Skinny Fries – this was part of their Punchy Piri Piri Chicken Wings recipe, but as I couldn’t have chilli’s or sweet paprika I used this recipe with The Green Kitchen’s Portobello Mushroom & Peach Burger recipe. These skinny fries are brilliant, even more so when you can’t have potato and chips are one of your favourites.

Chicken Kiev With A Simple Spinach Salad – Oh MY! this was simply delicious. It’s so easy to make, gluten free as it uses ground almonds instead of breadcrumbs and as tasty as anything. Definitely pour the garlic butter over the spinach..


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