Life After Silicone – First Week

Over the next few days I stayed in bed, lying against a mountain of fluffy pillows,  took it very easy and watched hours of NetFlix.

I did get a little low by day two, actually that’s an understatement, I was an absolute wreck. I couldn’t stop the tears. Everything consumed me, I hated my body image but worst of all I had these awful doubts that I was never going to get better.  That maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that I would be stuck in the house feeling ill forever. Looking back it was a tad dramatic but luckily by day four my very overdue (yet again) period came and I started to feel less miserable and far more positive.

Apart from being a Debbie Downer there were some amazing positives of my week one post explant….

My nails – The day after the operation they were super shiny and felt so strong. It looked like I had a manicure and they had been buffered.

My swollen little finger joint – GONE.

My Hair – So my hair prior to the operation was always coming out when I washed or brushed it. Not in clumps, but just lots and lots and lots of strands all together. I was constantly cleaning the plug hole in the shower.  What would be a normal week of hair down the plug hole for some, would be my hair in one shower! To be honest I have always wondered why I am not completely bald.  48 hours after the operation, my drains had been removed and I was allowed my first shower. I couldn’t believe it, my hair wasn’t falling out as I washed it. I mean there was hardly anything in my hands, just a couple of strands. But that wasn’t the end of the hair revelations. Normally, once washed in shampoo, it would have felt really dry and tangled until I smothered it in conditioner. Today, after shampooing it, it felt soft,  smooth and in great condition.  It didn’t need any conditioner at all.   As you can imagine, I was over the moon. This was the first incredible sign that my implants were the root cause of many issues within my body. Relief swept over me.

Brain Fog –I was having a conversation with my husband one evening about a wonderful book I was reading. GUT by Guilier Enders. I was recounting part of the chapter I had read nearly word for word. I stopped in my track. I had actually remembered the content and was able to explain it all without getting flustered or confused or simply forgetting. It was the most amazing feeling. The fog was lifting. I wasn’t a thicko after all!! Another beautiful sign…

Joint Pain – NONE. I did have sore knees, but they never amounted to anything. Again with my big toes, sometimes I would be aware that they were on my feet with a little grumble or sharp pain. But no stiffness AT ALL. Whoop de whoop.

I still had my floaters in my eyes, although not so prominent, and they still got blurry. Although I had read that can also be a sign of blood deficiency, anemia, which I do suffer with when I have my ridiculously heavy periods.

I still had the bloody bells in my ears – tinnitus. I also still felt quite fatigued, but that could be my period and also my body still recovering from the operation and anaesthetic. I still had cold hands. However, I was definitely sleeping deeper.

My boobs were still sore and bruised but I could move my arms above my head without any problem. Thanks to the scar tissue attaching itself to the muscle on the right hand side, it  meant that my surgeon had to cut my muscle during surgery to release it. This made it more tender in certain areas and also numb in another, but I was told it would heal with time.

All in all though, only one week on, I was seeing results and changes in my body for the better and feeling pretty good.

Click here to read what happened next… xx

3 thoughts on “Life After Silicone – First Week

  1. Nicola says:


    This has been a great site and very helpful in my decision to explant as i also have health problems. I am glad you feel so much better. I am explanting next week 9 year old textured 280cc silicon mcghan. I will probably be a 32a/b . I what bra do you reccommend post surgery? ? I have ordered a carefix sophia but thinking maybe a Marcom bra instead. Would it have to be the Marcom minimizer bra?? Or would a different Marcom bra be ok?


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