Alice – East Sussex

Implant date:03/09/2007
Implant Surgeon:Mr Simon Allan
Implant Manufacturer:Mentor Cohesive Gel (see comments)
Silicone or Saline:Silicone
Textured Shell:Yes
Duration implanted: 9 years

Symptoms: Fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety,  joint pain, depression, slow reacting pupil in the right eye, inflamed eye lid/eyebrow drooping eye appearance, more recently eye twitching when reading, headaches, ear pressure/pain, pain behind backs of ears, lack of concentration/motivation, forgetfulness,sinus pressure, jaw pain, chin pain, apathy, muscle aches worse in the morning, pain top of feet and ankle, numb shoulder, numb knee,numb big toe, hyperpigmentationsternum, aching lymph nodes in groin and collar bone, bad period pains into thighs, burning feeling in skin of head, back, rib, knee, abdomen, two small surface lumps in abdomen,nausea on and off, sharp pains in breast, feeling of weakness left hand and left foot. Muscle twitching and tremors at night (only occasionally)and feeling as if the inside of my body is shaking.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: no
When: N/A

Capsular Contracture: 

Explant Date:TBC
Explant Surgeon:TBC

Histopathology results:

1 month post explant: 

6 months post explant:

Other Comments: For 9 years I thought I had Saline!

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