Alyson – Sheffield

Implant date: 1st Set  28/04/98 
             2nd left implant only 25/11/99  
             3rd right implant only 28/03/02
             4th left implant only 09/03/04
              5th right implant only 25/07/05 
Implant Surgeon: Can't say for legal reasons - NHS Sheffield
Implant Manufacturer: All implants were McGhan from Inamed/Allergan 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone and Saline 
Textured Shell: Not sure 
Duration implanted: 15 years 

Symptoms: Fatigue, headaches, dizzy spells, neck and back ache, Hair loss, brain fog, bone, muscle and joint pain, rash, numbness in hands, dry eyes, silicone granulomas developing throughout the body

Autoimmune Diagnosis: Systemic Silicosis, Morphea, Lichen Sclerosis, Rynaulds 

When diagnosed: 2013-2016 

Capsular Contracture: All the implants had Capsular Contracture 
When From: 1998- 2013 when I was explanted

Explant Date:25/08/13 
Explant Surgeon: Same person that implanted me at NHS Sheffield
Full or part capsulectomy: I think I had a full Capsulectomy but they had to scrape silicone off my ribs!! 
State of implants: All Implants either Ruptures or were removed for Infection

Histopathology results: Numerous Histopathology reports gathered on all implants and subsident histopathology reports as have major problems with finding silicone deposits in vulva and now the Uterus.

Additional information: I had a double mastectomy in 1997 and reconstruction in 1998 for 15 years I either had my Implants rupture or had to have them removed due to Infections , I had explant 2013 after my final rupture and had developed Morphea and Lichen sclerous, had 2 silicone granulomas removed off ribs plus silicone scraped from me ribs at explant . I had to have 3 silicone granulomas removed from chest area 2014 , I have been left with silicone still in my lymph nodes of my left arm pit and deep in my chest wall ( which cant be removed as too dangerous) , I have it In my vulva again ( it was removed before in 2015 with my clitoris ) but I have silicone again in my vulva and Uterus, But my skin is so bad that they are frightened to operate as i may not heal up well , I am now struggling swollowing and may have a problem with my heart right valve enlarged ( Need further tests) as there is limited windows for them to see as I am so badly scared from all the operations I have had over the years on my chest approx 25 ops , I am on 26 tablets a day now and methotrexate injection form once a week, Mine is an ongoing problem as silicone has Bio integrated into my whole body , had a large lump removed from below my left elbow Dec 2016 ( they said it was a inflammatory response to something but would not say what or knew!!!…

1 month post explant: I haven’t improved after explant 

6 months post explant: I am still deteriating and finding more silicone granulomas in my body

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