Kathy – West Sussex England

Implant date: 20th March 1997
Implant Surgeon: Dr William Norris
Implant Manufacturer:Cloverleaf
Silicone or Saline:Silicone (explant showed then as silicone although thought they were saline!)
Textured Shell:Yes
Duration implanted:19 years

Symptoms: Chronic Fatigue, Muscle /bone pain, chronic Urticaria (skin hives), shortness of breath, severe brain fog / memory loss, confusion, panic attacks, fainting, anaphylactic shock syndrome, many heightened allergies, hair loss, skin lesions, weight gain, swollen ankles, depression, anxiety, heavy period bleeding.

Autoimmune Diagnosis & When:   
1 = Angioedema diagnosed 2001,
2= Fibromyalgia diagnosed 2013
3= Chorionic Urticaria + Anaphylactic condition 1997
4= Hashimitos thyroidisum 2015

Capsular Contracture: No

Explant Date:16th September 2016
Explant Surgeon:Dr Susan Kolb (Atlanta Georgia USA)
Full or part capsulectomy: Yes. Both capsules were able to be removed although right capsule was ruptured and practically disintegrate.

State of Implants: Right capsule ruptured (mushy condition)             
Histopathology results: Gel bleed,Silicone Leakage left implant-50cc

Additional information: 5 lymph nodes removed as full of silicone (4   from right and 1 from left)                 

1 month post explant: 2-3 week euphoric, release & relief of brain fog, relief of back pain and ankle swelling- then experienced a crash paralysis / numbness in right leg suspected blood clot but cleared, large swelling under left breast, chronic fatigue, mood swings, herxing giddiness, night sweats.

10 weeks post explant: Good days are fabulous- stronger hair and nails and glowing skin color, clear head, Adrenal fatigue / heart arrhythmia & anxiety still a daily problem. Still following a full and complex detox protocol to eliminate silicon, antifungals / colon cleaning, bio toxin detoxification, Low mytoxin diet, candida, have more good days than bad.

3 months post explant:  Since explant September 16 th (20 year silicone ruptured right side implants ) I am ecstatic!!! My raging ferritin levels for 15 years due to chronic inflammation in my poor body has gone down from: 279.70 to 167.2 (12-250 range) first time ever I am in range. My doctor said stunning results after years of anaphylactic shock reactions , swollen painful joints , bloated Angio oedema attacks and chronic urticaria emergency admissions to hospital. They had tried everything to lower inflammation prior to having my toxic tits out, from  AIP low mytoxin diet , turmeric, garlic and coriander in green and celery juice every day for 18 months. Now the implants are out, my whole body has shrunk.
My vitamin D level has doubled and in range: From 46.6 to 116 .
My thyroid hashimitos antibodies have decreased first time in years just in last 10 weeks : from 41.6 to 11.4 !!! (0-34 range )
My thyroglobulin ( hashimitos ) antibodies from 915.3 to 695.6 cannot believe that has dropped . Still high as thyroid too damaged from BII but boy I am delighted .
My calcium is still high as have two adenoma tumours on my parathyroid glands caused again by BII that have to operated and removed in January 2017.
I am beyond happy with this news today and from my heart I hope this gives you all hope . The journey 10 years out of 20 have been long and hard the almost 6 hour surgery rupture lift and 5 lymph node removal was pretty full on and post explant the detox brutal,  very good days very bad days but today these results speak volumes … the body is healing . I am 54 and surgery result I am delighted with , post explant my hair skin nails clear, eyes and head,  I cannot stop smiling . 

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