Katie – Welling, Kent

Implant date: April 2006 
Implant Surgeon: Dr Khan 
Implant Manufacturer: Perthese 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone 
Textured Shell: Yes 
Duration implanted: 10 years

Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, anxiety,  so much pain, hair loss,  weakness, severe ME, joint pain, bone pain, muscle pain, unable to walk or get out of bed, so I was catheterised. Unable to eat at times.  Hospitalised on numerous occasions.  Paralysis,  night sweats,  tremors,  unable to swallow or see properly.  

Autoimmune Diagnosis: Yes, ME, Fibromyalgia 
When: Nov 2009 

Capsular Contracture: No 

Explant Date: 29th march 2016
Explant Surgeon: Dr Matt James 
Full or part capsulectomy: Full 
State of implants: Intact 

Histopathology results: none 

Additional information:


1 month post explant: Severely unwell, huge relapse. Had a nurse come and visit every day.

6 months post explant: I felt at least 40 % better, could take my children to the park, go to the supermarket, even managed a little holiday abroad with the family.  However in the last month I have sadly relapsed and can barely move.

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