Sandra – Manchester

Implant date: Jan 2004 
Implant Surgeon:  Mr Cajano               
Implant Manufacturer : PIP      
Silicone or Saline: Silicone               
Textured Shell:                    
Duration implanted: 5 years  

Symptoms: chronic Fatigue, brain Fog, memory loss,  neurological, pain, thyroid, Gerd – gut issues , bone pain, fibromyalgia diagnoses, palpitations. 

Autoimmune diagnosis?:      
When :                                  

Capsular Contracture? :         
When:                                    .

Explant Date: 2009 however I had to have the scar capsule removed in 2016 as symptoms continued
Explant Surgeon: Dr Kolb in 2016   
Full or part capsulectomy: Partially capsulectomy 
Intact. Second surgery to remove scar capsule in 2016 as symptoms continued 

State of implants:

Histopathology results:       

Additional information: Feeling better, improving daily  

1month post explant:

6 months post explant:  Feeling better, improving daily    

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