Toxicology – Round Two

I was just as apprehensive the second time round, if not more so. This time I had the husband to come along with me for support. I hadn’t heard anything back from them since I sent my emails requesting clarification of my last meeting. So I wasn’t expecting anything special and I had decided before I went in that all consultants are bad for your health.

When we arrived they asked me to confirm my address. This is when I found out that they had my old London address on their systems instead of my Norfolk address! Great start.

After about half an hour we were finally called in by Dr Wood, the toxicologist I should have seen last time.

SHOCK HORROR!!!!! HE WAS LOVELY. Not once did he dismiss my theories, make me feel like I was stupid or off my rocker. He put my faith back into consultants. He should give ‘How To Make Your Patients Feel Good” workshops.

We went back over everything and he discussed with me all my symptoms pre and post explant. I was staggered at the amount of symptoms that have gone since the removal of the toxic bags..

Hair Loss, dizzy spells, headaches, neck and back ache, brain fog, tender ribs, sore throat, IBS and less muscle, tender joints…. all gone.

Dr Wood discussed with me the reasons why they can’t test me for Xylene or Silicone. Firstly, I had already had my implants removed and with most of my symptoms now gone, it shows that if the Xylene was the problem then it has probably already left my system. Secondly, the NHS simply do not have the means to test me. There are no base lines for the levels and results, because this isn’t a situation that has arisen before.  He also said that I was doing everything I possibly could for my health,  if my implants were the reason for my illnesses,  by having them removed.

I completely understood where he was coming from, it all makes perfect sense, although I was deflated that I wouldn’t be able to find out if the chemicals in my implants had actually caused a reaction in my body.

We then discussed my histopathology results and the fact that I had gel bleed from my implants, meaning silicone had leaked into my body. Unfortunately again there are no tests as there are no base levels to go by. He also told me that he knows of no way of removing silicone from your body once it has a free pass to roam about. Dr Wood then continued to bring up a very interesting side issue that just hadn’t crossed my mind before. He told me the reason why we have no base lines and why there will NEVER be any conclusive evidence either way on the safety of breast implants. To have a serious medical trial done, one where you get the medical world to sit up and notice,  you would need to have two groups of participants, one that would be given a placebo and one that would be given the real thing. But how would you be able to give a placebo breast augmentation? You couldn’t! There is no way you couldn’t insert breast implants inside someones body without them not realising. Bigger breasts and scars are a huge giveaway. Also, you couldn’t insert something in place of a breast implant as you wouldn’t know if that was causing a reaction. Trials would also need to be done on that product first. Basically you can not do a scientific trial without placebos and thus here lies the problem. It amazes me how breast implants can be deemed as ‘inert’ when they can’t carry out the necessary legitimate trials.  So, in regards to the 10 year studies Mentor and Allergan are completing currently for the FDA, they are not going to mean diddly squat in the medical sector.

We then moved onto my Hair Mineral Analysis report where it showed my copper was literally off the chart. In the world of trained medical consultants, these tests are not in their remit.  However, he must have felt sorry for me and agreed to testing my copper levels in my blood.

I got the results three weeks later. My copper levels were actually a tad low. 11.7 micromol/L (normal range 12-15 micromol/L) . The analytical team said that this could relate to one of the following..

  1. chronic dietary deficiency
  2. chronic liver disease
  3. inborn metabolic error, or
  4. possible excessive use of oral zinc supplementation/intake.

Luckily,  as I have had so many freekin blood tests they can cross chronic liver disease off this list. He reckons that it could be to do with my detox protocol where I am taking zinc (to help eliminate the copper that build up in my tissues). I am to stop taking them and be retested for copper in a few weeks.

However.. I am only a few weeks away from stopping my copper detox and as my GP hasn’t informed me of this letter yet.. then I might just finish it and then I can be retested in January.

So, I am still in the dark as if Xylene was a real cause of all my symptoms and ailments over the 14 years I had the implants in. I am still in the dark to whether I have silicone in my body and I have no idea if I have any heavy metal toxicity either.

This hasn’t stopped me wanting to know though. The only way I am going to find out is by being patient and seeing how my body heals over the next year and a half. See if my anti-CCP count for the RA diagnosis miraculously goes back to a normal negative range. One can hope.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

I will be posting my next instalment very soon… thanks for all your support xx


6 thoughts on “Toxicology – Round Two

  1. Daryl Nelson says:

    Still sick-.-even though I have been explanted for 10 yrs.- some sympt. did. go away , but not joint aches and pains .. had some lymph nodes removed a few months ago that had silicone in them.. did not seem to help as much as I had hoped 😟 I wish there was a body scan that we could do to see the foreign junk inside of our systems~ So proud of you for doing so much hard work to help yourself, you are a rockstar !


    • Miss Diagnosed says:

      So sorry to hear you are still feeling so rubbish… thank you so much for such kind words. Stay strong and I hope you get relief from the pain soon. If you haven’t already done so, maybe check your Vit D and B12 levels. Sometimes low levels can heighten joints aches and pains. Ax


    • Louise Matthews says:

      I have RA and Fibromyalgia and a load of other health complaints very similar to you.
      I had my explant 2 days ago and although the surgeon tried to remove all of the capsule she said in places it was only 1 cell thick and so thin that my muscles kept getting cut when she tried to remove it and became too bloody to get it all.
      I’m so scared I will be left with RA and what it means for me.
      I am detoxing and taking lots of supplements but am just so scared. I’m trying to be positive but inside I’m full of anxiety.


  2. Debra Findlay says:

    I had saline implants in 1989 in Canada. I reside now in Michigan.
    The outershell is silicone but the inside is saline. I Have been dealing with leaky gut, neck and shoulder pain, parasite, gastroparesis and now SiBO, whenever I raise any question about it possibly being the implants I am told there is no connection. I have had many tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood, hydrogen breath test, eaten radioactive eggs, blood work, stool samples, and all they do is give me more and more supplements to take. Many of the issues like the vertigo, mental fog, tingling, sensations of water being poured on my lower extremeties have eased. But, for the life of me can not get around the gut issues. I have had chronic sinus infections, and I no longer eat wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs. I see 2 different ND because I fired my MD because of his lack of empthy and respect after being his patient for 18 years. I have an autoimmune issue of ITP, I dont clot,my platelets are always very low. Meeting with my ND this morn to discuss your blog. Thank you so much for sharing this information and God speed to your good health.


    • Miss Diagnosed says:

      So sorry to hear you have gone through such an awful time. I am thrilled that you are taking my journey with you to help. I really hope that your ND takes on board your issues and helps you find the answers you so deserve. Let me know how you get on x


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