Angela – Glasgow

Implant date: 1st set 1999 and  2nd set 2006
Implant Surgeon: 1st set Mr Mc kay and 2nd set Mr Webster both NHS
Implant Manufacturer: 1st set Mentor 2nd set McGhan
Silicone or Saline: Silicone (both)
Textured Shell: yes (both)
Duration implanted: 1st set 7 years and 2nd set 10 years

Symptoms: Chronic fatigue / Tinnitus / Tremors / Numbness and Tingling in Upper and Lower Limbs / Pain / Confusion/ Disorientation/ Weakness in legs, arms and trunk / Balance problems/ Dizziness/ Restless legs/ Decline in vision/Blurred Vision/ Forgetfulness/Short term Memory loss/Muscle Pain/Muscle Weakness / Joint Pain /Joints Clicking / Vertigo / IBS / Sudden Food intolerances and Allergies/ Hair loss/ Skin Rashes/ Weak and Brittle Nails /Skin Tags / Depression /Mood Swings / Hormonal Imbalances /Headaches / Severe Lower Back Pain / Hip Pain / Inability to Walk Long Distances / Inability to Stand Longer Than 20/30 Minutes/ Frequent need to Urinate/ Heart Palpitations/ Aching Joints, Shoulders, Neck , Hips, Backbone, Hands and Feet/ Chest Cavity Pain, Shortness Of Breath / Pain and Burning around Implant Area/ Anxiety/ Panic Attacks/ Jaw Clenching, Grinding Teeth/ Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia / Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: 2nd set Fibromyalgia and ongoing tests
When: July 2016

Capsular Contracture: yes 1st set
When: 2005

Explant Date: 1st set 2006 and 2nd set 2016
Explant Surgeon: 1st set Mr Webster and 2nd set Mr Whitby

Full or part capsulectomy: Left Capsulectomy 2006 and full Capsulectomy 2016

State of implants: 2nd set both implants were yellow, musty smelling, oldness smelling and white particles attached to shell.

Histopathology results: None

Additional information: MRI test to be done on 6/12/16 of Spine and pelvis


1 month post explant: Can breathe better, chest cavity pain gone, hair loss less, more energy, sleeping better, pins and needles gone, dizziness gone, vertigo better, anxiety better, mood better, lost 14 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes in 10 weeks. Inflammation gone, skin clearer, muscle aches improved, can walk longer distances.

6 months post explant:

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