Nine Months Post Explant

Happy New Year!!

Well what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was feeling like utter pants and wondering when the fresh hell I was living with daily was going to end. This year I am going about my daily motherly duties mainly with ease. It isn’t something I take for granted, I can tell you!!

I still suffer with fatigue and I haven’t been sleeping particularly well of late. My wrists are my main concern as my left wrist has a lump on the side and also a very slight swelling that comes and goes. They can feel bruised and sore,  like I have strained them.. the pain is usually in the night time and first thing in the morning OR if I have been typing.. so I stopped typing (hence the absence of posts on here) to try and help them heal. I am still not sure if it is connected to arthritis, RA or if it is connected to the detox of the heavy metals and copper, as this is known to also cause pains in joint and muscles!!! Just wish I could have a definitive answer.. but only time will tell and I must be patient.

However, I can’t believe how quickly 9 months has gone. It’s not been an easy 9 months thats for sure. I have gone through the crash after explant, which was scary at the time as I had nothing to gage it against and there is nothing written down by a doctor to say.. “yes this is normal.. don’t panic”.  Two detox’s… one for the gut and one from copper. Neither of them an easy thing to undertake and definitely not for the faint hearted. You needed to have determination and stamina for these bad boys! In fact I have just started copper detox round two!! Hurrah *said with such sarcasm*

So just before Christmas, I had another Hair Mineral Analysis test done to find our how the copper elimination was going. Here are the results…


The top line of numbers under the graph are the new results, the ones underneath are my original test results. I always use my nutritionist Catherine Jeans to go through the results as they are quite complicated to understand and she advises me on supplements and diet from there.

As you can see, it showed that I had lost a third of my copper, which was excellent news. Also my potassium and sodium had risen loads. This is what the lab says about these two…

Tissue sodium levels are frequently reflective of adrenal glandular activity. A further increase in tissue sodium to 46 mg% is indicative of a possible increase in adrenal gland activity. Contributing factors to arise in the sodium level can include; stress (physical or emotional), continued high sodium consumption, or toxic metal elimination (removal of toxic metals may produce a temporary rise in tissue sodium levels). Sodium intake (table salt) and high sodium foods should be restricted as much as possible at this time, especially if high blood pressure is noted.

Potassium is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, muscular contraction, and nerve conduction. An increase in the tissue potassium level may indicate an improvement in any tendencies that might be present toward potassium- deficiency conditions, such as; fatigue, poor digestion and hypoglycemia.

This was great news, as this showed that my adrenals function was finally kicking back in.

I had a lovely three week break from the detox over Christmas, where I indulged on a little more sweet items, like fruit and some dark chocolate. It was heavenly! I really pushed the boat out and broke the law when we went out for Christmas meals with friends and had a pudding!! Fully loaded with all the bad stuff…but I am still alive and not in agony, so all good.

Now back to reality and I have started the second phase of copper detox. It has been just over a week and I am already feeling the effects. After four days in,  the water works started and I sobbed like a loon.  This time though,  I didn’t hold it back, I just let it all out and felt loads better afterwards. I knew it was connected to my body detoxing, as this happened last time round, so it didn’t start getting all anxious about it.  I am also feeling quite wiped out with it and so I try and have a rest in the afternoon and let my body heal. But best of all and joy of joys, the acne has come back with a beautiful vengeance upon my forehead. So its another three months of avoiding high copper foods like, avocado, nuts and seeds, mushrooms and of course very minimal amount of sugar, including fruit. Then I re-test again and we take it from there. This isn’t a quick fix or process… but it is one that I am so glad to be doing. Much better than taking the medication and suppressing a symptom. This way, I will hopefully eradicate this issue instead and start to fully live my life again. Although, as I said.. compared to last year, this is wonderful.

There is one subject we haven’t discussed….. My BOOBS!!

Well roll back 9 months, they were quite saggy/deflated when the operation was first done. Like being pregnant, once you have the baby,  you are left with saggy skin – which no one warned me about and freaked me out when I had my first sprog! However, the skin soon shrinks back and it’s pretty much the same for the boobies.  My skin is now tightening back to normal and as I am now eating more again,  after the first detox, I have gained three pounds in weight. Having put on this little bit of weight means they are also starting,  very slowly,  to fill out a little.  I am a very small ‘A’ cup, so I am not expecting miracles on the size front, but a normal ‘A’ cup that fills a bikini top would be a dream come true. The scaring is now getting smaller.. I had very long scar lines after explant, as I just wanted the bloody implants out with the capsules. To be honest, I don’t plan to be parading around naked in public any time soon.. so it really doesn’t matter one bit to me.

As my rheumatology appointment has been moved three times and I am now not due to see them until November 2017 – originally it was February, moved to April – I have booked an appointment with my GP to have the lump on my wrist looked at and hopefully she will agree to a few blood tests, just so I can keep an eye on my levels. I am hoping to get an CRP, ESR (which are both inflammatory markers) and the dreaded anti-CCP count done again (specific the RA). Fingers crossed they all come back completely and utterly normal for a healthy human – within a negative range – and I can prove that this was all a horrible misdiagnosis and down to the plastic boobs all along.

Until then.. stay healthy and thank you for all your support. xxx

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