Green Detox Juice


This is my little green juice recipe that I’ve been drinking now since explant. It’s tasty and packed full of goodness to help along the detox of toxins in the body.


Studies have shown that coriander binds to heavy metals in the bloodstream, purifying tissues, organs, and blood. Coriander is also great for helping to rid your gut of unwanted organisms, candida etc..

Kale & Spinach

Green leafy vegetables like kale & spinach are detoxifying and can help reduce the buildup of heavy metals like mercury in the body. Its also helps support the liver and kidney functions. They are both hight in iron and fibre and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Is also great at getting rid of unwanted organisms. Its a natural anti inflammatory,  antibiotic and decongestant. It also makes the juice taste amazing (I am a huge ginger lover)


Not only does the apple help the juice to taste a bit sweeter but the pectin in apples forms a gel in the intestine that eliminates toxins.


Also helps to sweeten up the juice and is packed full of great vitamins and minerals which help cleanse the liver.

When I had to cut out fruit during my gut detox protocol, I used beetroot and sweet potato instead and it was just as tasty, if not sweeter!



4 carrots

2-3cms ginger (or more if you like is spicy)

1 apple (pips removed)

1 small handful of Spinach

1 small handful of Kale

1 small buch of Coriander

Juice all the ingredients, if you use a cold pressed juicer, juice the greens last. Serve with lots of ice and drink immediately.



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