Michelle – Manchester

Implant date: 1999
Implant Surgeon: Mr Cairns - Transform
Implant Manufacturer: pip
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell:  Textured
Duration implanted: 18 years 

Symptoms:seizures, muscle weakness neurological symptoms, fits, brain fog, bladder incontinence, parasthsia,shoulder,back pain, pins and needles, numbness, toxic body odour,dry eyes thyroid diagnosis, underactive, reproductive symptoms large mass of fibroids, heavy blood loss,hair loss, ibs,fainting spells, memory loss, out of body episodes like trance, shortness of breath, eye sensitivity in daylight,and much much more!

Autoimmune Diagnosis:hypothyroid, possible others being investigated
When: 2015

Capsular Contracture: yes
When: findings on explant left side

Explant Date:  8th of December 2015
Explant Surgeon: Mr Debonno

Full or part capsulectomy: full
State of implant: some intact but soggy, other, left decomposing and of different material and composition, gel bleed

Histopathology results:silicone migration and unknown substance said to be foreign 

Additional information: immediate health improvement after explant

1month post explant:

6 months post explant: 90 percent better, just muscle weakness, feel it could be all the heavy metals and iron deficiency.

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