Zoe S – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Implant date: November 2007
Implant Surgeon: Dr Ng West London Clinic 
Implant Manufacturer: Allergan (TSM implants)
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell:
Duration implanted: 9 years

Symptoms: started 7 years ago. 2 yrs after implant.Brain Fog!!!!!!!!! Terrible memory. Excessive sweating. Achy & inflamed joints & lymph glands. Back shoulder neck pain. Hearing problems. Bad night vision driving. Blurred vision and floaters in front of eyes for days at a time. B12 deficiency. Iron deficiency. Food allergies. Big Menstrual disturbances. Biggest issue to date, choking sensation when eating, regurgitation of food, feeling like I have a fist between my chest. Thick stringy frothy saliva. No bile in my stomach.Difficulty swallowing which progressed to severe over 5 years.  I weighed 6st 12.  Could barely eat – liquidised diet(Vegan)!! 3 x throat dilations. Barium drink test x 2 .MRI. Gastroscop.Further testing to measure oesophageal muscle contractions. Diagnosis of Achalasia – major keyhole surgery May 2016.  (I found out this is another side effect of breast implants and after explanted these symptoms disappeared in others) gutted!!!! Guess what symptoms slowly returning, food getting stuck again November 2016 😳 waiting explant date with Prof Drew. Weight loss / body fat all gone. Fainting. Heart palpitations. Tremors. Dizziness. Chronic Fatigue. Depression.Suicidal thoughts. Tingling numb hands and feet. Aching arms. Ibs symptoms (whatever ibs is). Urine infections – cystitis urinating blood within 3 hrs. Dark circles to eyes. Sunken cheeks. Dry skin , mouth, eyes . Large red bumps on forehead and under neck area that last for weeks!  Slow skin healing. Recurrent candida. Acne. Asthma . Chest infections (also told this could have been food particles in my lungs from food not being digested properly – disgusting).Hair loss ( had hair exts for thickness for 2 yrs).How much has this cost me 😳 thank god for empowered women! 

Autoimmune Diagnosis: yes but through thyroid specialist (non NHS as they kept insisting I was fine) hypothyroidism, reynauds disease.
When: 2015 

Capsular Contracture: yes unilateral right
When: sept 2016

Explant Date: to be confirmed 
Explant Surgeon: Professor Drew

Full or part capsulectomy: Full
State of implants tbc 🙏🏼

Histopathology results tbc 🙏🏼

Additional information:

1 month post explant:

6 months post explant:

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