Anon – Redditch

Implant date: Oct 2000 
Implant Surgeon: Mr Chantasak (retired)
Implant Manufacturer: McGhan
Silicone or Saline: Silicone 
Textured Shell: yes 
Duration implanted: 16 years 

Symptoms:Deformed, painful, damaged and immobile joints in hands and feet Psoriasis, severe gut issues (can only eat 9 foods now), brain fog, tiredness, swelling of joints.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: psoriatic arthritis  
When: 2006

Capsular Contracture: yes mild on left side 
When: shortly after op

Explant Date: 9th Jan 2017
Explant Surgeon: Mr Whitby

Full or part capsulectomy: Full

State of implants: Perfect! 

Histopathology results: none 

Additional information:

3 weeks post explant:feel lighter, less brain fog, can eat the odd treat without body over reacting, all other symptoms still present 

1 month:

6 months post explant:

One thought on “Anon – Redditch

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    Hi Sarah
    I had Mr Chantersac too in 2001 and McGhan 340 Textured and had problems nearly straight away. I am now explainting next month after 18 years. My aftercare from him was so awful at the time I’ve been too scared to have another op. I too have limited diet and oversensitive to everything, I can’t wait to feel better.
    I’m worried about alcl now as I’ve had lots of swellings over the years.


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