Anonymous – Channel Islands

Implant date: 1980
Implant Surgeon: Mr Freddie Nicolle (retired)
Implant Manufacturer: unknown prob Dow Corning 
Silicone or Saline: silicone
Textured Shell: unknown
Duration implanted: 38 years - 1 set only 

Symptoms: rib pain, arthritis,  facial rash, palpitations,paresthesia,cough, sunlight sensitivity, dry eyes, skin, ridged nails. Swollen lymph nodes in armpit. Puckering under right breast.  

Autoimmune Diagnosis: suspected RA/Lupus but not showing in bloods -inflammation  can be seen on finger and toe joints

Capsular Contracture: unknown

Explant Date: Tbc
Explant Surgeon: TBC 

Full or part capsulectomy:
State of implants : unsure – suspected rupture but told not an issue

Histopathology results: None as yet

Additional information: filed as a complainant with Dow Corning  in 1990 but needed proof of type of implant. Contacted surgeon’s secretary. Surgeon had retired and was informed my records had been destroyed. Had to drop law suit as no proof. Decided against replacement with saline. 

1month post explant:

6 months post explant:

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