Lauren – Nottingham

Implant date : May 2010
Surgeon : Mr Bhorghini. Transform 
Implant manufacturers: Allergan 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell: unknown
Duration Implanted: 6.5 years


Symptoms : vertigo, travel sickness, headaches daily, visual disturbances left eye, nausea, vitamin b12 deficiency , oral thrush / geographic tongue, hair falling out, symptoms of MS tingling hands fingers, numbness, leg weakness, restless legs and hypothyroidism symptoms, metabolism low. Weight gain, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia ( for no reason) . Neck ache back ache , painful knees ? Arthritis . Gall bladder issues. Constipation. Frequent urination. 

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture: No capsular contracture but left implant ? Moved/ flipped. (Turned out to be ruptured)


Explant date: 27/01/17
Explant Surgeon: Mr Nishikawa

Full or part capsulectomy: No capsulectomy
State of implants: Implants in poor condition one ruptured, puss surrounding left implant 

Histopathology Results:NAD

3 weeks post op: all symptoms gone except tongue issues, hair loss is slowing down . 

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