Maria – West Sussex

Implant date: 2005
Implant Surgeon: Peter Arnstein
Implant Manufacturer: not sure
Silicone or Saline: silicone
Textured Shell: unknown 
Duration implanted: 12 years

Symptoms: memory loss, joint pain, breast cancer 3 years ago, lack of self esteem

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture:
When .

Explant Date: waiting for date possibly March the surgeon said
Explant Surgeon: Stuart James, Gatwick Spire

Full or part capsulectomy: will be full
State of implants:

Histopathology results:

Additional information: on behalf of my sister:- she has been under the memory clinic for two years and can’t find out what is wrong, had MRI and PET scans but breasts are in a bad way, encapsulated from radiotherapy from the breast cancer treatment. Poor memory started three years prior to her breast cancer, therefore doctors try to blame her radiotherapy which has happened, they are so wrong! 

1 month post explant:

6 month post explant:

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