Anti CCP Count Round 4

It took two weeks to get an appointment with  Dr D to ask if I could have blood tests for my CRP and ESR (which are inflammatory markers) and another Anti CCP count & rheumatoid factor (which is specific to rheumatoid arthritis).  I explained the reasons why I wanted the blood tests, that I had issues with my wrists, that they had been quite sore and tender for months now and I wanted to check all my levels and make sure that the disease wasn’t active in me.  She  was brilliant as always and gave the go ahead for all the tests to be done.

It took a further two weeks to get an appointment with the phlebotomist, which was my choice as I wanted to avoid the other stabbing (but lovely) phlebotomist at all costs, it was seriously traumatic experience that has haunted me ever since. This gave me time to ramp up my positive affirmations, which I had been saying most mornings in the shower for the last 10 months.

I am so happy and grateful that my anti ccp count is within normal negative range

On blood test day, I told my lovely non stabbing phlebotomist what I had been manifesting and so she also blessed my blood viles. To anyone in the outside world, we must have looked like a couple of nutters, but I came out of her room feeling positive and ready for whatever the universe had planned for me.

Tuesday 7th February 2017 – 10:30 am

I was going to the doctors surgery in the morning to collect my next iron prescription and decided to ask the front desk if they could let me know if my results were in. My GP surgery has a rule about results. To phone and after 14.30!! But the lovely receptionist said as I was there she may as well give them to me. I started to get all nervous…

ESR    5     normal range 0.00-12.00

CRP  <1    normal range 0.00 – 10.00

Both completely normal!!! This meant that even though I have pains in my wrists, my body is not registering it as inflammation. THIS IS GOOD….

I asked about my Anti ccp and rheumatoid factor.  The receptionist told me that my anti ccp and RF was 97.5. This left me confused. Was it my RF factor or my Anti CCP? She told me she wasn’t medically trained and couldn’t tell me.

I left feeling a little excited but also confused. If that was my anti ccp count, it was an amazing result. If that was my RF count, it was NOT good.


I had travelled to London by the afternoon for a Breath Works session with Rebecca Dennis. My appointment was at 15:00 and so just before I got on the tube at Liverpool Street Station,  I decided to call the surgery again and ask if they would just re confirm my numbers. As I called, I was surrounded by people in a rush to get to their destination. With one finger in my ear to keep the sound of the noisy train station out, I asked the lady on the results line to give me my results again.

ESR and CRP the same.

YAY.. and my RF or Anti CCP I asked. She told me there was no RF test done, just an anti ccp count. My heart was racing, tears started to well up because  I already knew the answer. Everyone in the station just became a blur and the noise disappeared as she read out…

Anti CCP is raised –    97.5     normal range 0.50 -5.00


My last Anti CCP count back in July was 284. I had dropped a staggering 186.5 points.

As I went to get on the tube,  I was like a cheshire cat.. grinning from ear to ear. Nothing could take away this feeling of accomplishment.


Lets just go back shall we to the last time I saw the wonderful Dr X, my ex- rheumatologist. This is what he said….

“We will have to agree to disagree, there is no connection between RA and breast implants”. Yet again he managed to make me feel like absolute shit. Yet again deflated by his attitude, I decided to try and at least get one thing I wanted out of the meeting, if there was a chance to have another anti ccp test. Continuing with his royal bluntness, he hissed out that there wasn’t any point, but if I really felt it necessary and it would make me feel better, he would let me have one done after my operation and just before I came to see him in August. Just to make sure he got his point firmly across, he reiterated very slowly like I didn’t understand English, “The result won’t change” and then he laughed, “If it does I‘ll be writing you in the medical journal” My response, with a forced smile, “ Well people do defy medical science”.

Quite a few people have asked me if I am feeling smug. I’m not.  I am just incredibly relieved that I went with my gut instinct. I know I am not out of the woods by a long shot, but this amazing result had given me the kick up the backside I so needed to carry on detoxing. Who knows, by Christmas 2017, I may just be a normal healthy individual again with no label.




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