We Are Not Alone…

In 2016 I decided to set up a facebook support group with Sandy Cooper, a wonderful lady I met on the US Breast Implant Illness and Healing Group. We wanted a UK based group where ladies could find advice, support and recommended surgeons here in the UK, all at their fingertips and not have to go through the confusion and loneliness that we did.  Three years on and we have grown into an amazing support group of over 2000 women, all seeking support or information regarding implants and the effects they can have on their bodies.

I am so humbled with the incredible messages we receive daily from these ladies thanking us for the group and how we have literally saved their lives.  As I always reply that it’s a joint effort and without each and every lady on the group, it simply couldn’t run.

To show how blumming amazing our ladies are, some have shared their journeys on here in hope that it will help you, raise awareness and make sure that no one else has to go through what they went through…

If you are having a light bulb moment reading these posts, do come and join us on our Facebook  group, UK Breast Implant Illness and Healing Support Group (see Links)

Below is a poll, completed by the ladies from the group to give you a snap shot into the most common symptoms.

9 thoughts on “We Are Not Alone…

  1. Neanatashia James says:

    Lose of teeth, premature aging and greying. Breathlessness difficulty brrathing.
    Symptoms not in the list


  2. Sally says:

    Silicone migration and Inflammation from this. Swollen, itchy painful lymph under arms. Sinus problems, persistent cough, strong chemical odour from sweating, nightmares, loss of future dreams, planning your funeral earlier than expected, unable to have a relationship due to chronic pain, anxiety and lack of confidence. I could probably find more. Lol. Xx


  3. Ks says:

    Food intolerances, vertigo, burning sensation in organs, short term memory loss, depression, nausea, pins & needles, blurred vision, grey floaters in eyes, inability to concentrate, loss of emotion, sinus infections, constant tonsillitis, premature aging, almost completely grey in a matter of 6months, tinnitus, sensitivities to light, nightmares…. the list goes on. Or it did, many of these have either gone or vastly improved since explant 3months ago.


  4. Suzanne says:

    For me just explant a week ago and lift thinking of fat transfer . I have Ehlers Dan Los hypermobilty full menopause symptoms all mimic B11 . After 10 yrs was changing my Allergan textured implants knowing only a ten year guarantee saw 3 breast surgeons the second one said Go look at my breast implant illness . Early days but after 48 hrs a few things I notice have improved I noticed lots of surgeons used textured 2009 and 2017 stopped using them and started to use smooth many young ladies had breast cancer now have implants and haven’t been told the risks . I had a very good career for 35 years and the last 3 yrs been a down hill but seen 6 doctors told them implants mirena coil nobody linked my inflammation to implant illness vertigo had my mammogram last year All was good and scan too . Waiting now for my capsule biopsy result . HAd chronic muscle spasms did try and worked stem cell therapy in USA for lower back hip issues again nobody said anything neither my rhumatologist now having a urine metal toxins test now implement out was told better than a blood test


  5. Tanya Humphrey says:

    I have dry eye, very bad brain fog, painful breasts painful shoulders,very dry hair and eyes hair loss , tingling/ numbness in fingers, tinnitus, insomnia night sweats. Awaiting explant


  6. Sue Lennon says:

    Fatigue, body aches, low libido, brain fog, dry eyes, skin, hair and mouth, inflammation, vertigo, intolerant to heat and cold, ocular migrain, frequent urination, pain in breast, anxiety and depression, groin pain


  7. Lesley stead says:

    Eye problems, allergies, fstigue, nody achres, insomnia , intolerant to heat and cold, skin rashes, thinning hair, inflammation, night sweats, hypersensitivity, to perfumes, candles, diffusers, calor gas fires, frequent urination, ibs. Lack of concentration, depression.


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