Anti-Inflammatory/Detoxing Milkshake


There are days when I allow myself to indulge in the ‘bad stuff’ and Five Guys is the place I like to enjoy this naughtiness.  As I can’t have cows milk anymore, one of their rather delicious milkshakes is out of the question.  However I do allow myself the treat of one of their tasty little bacon burgers with all the trimmings and a bucket of fries.

However, having dipped my toe in a nutritional degree for a year (just deferred for a bit) my studies made me fully aware of how consuming such a delicious treat can have such a detrimental impact on raising my levels of omega 6 – which basically means raising inflammatory levels within the body and potentially causing me some pain.

The way to keep this inflammation at bay and reduce those omega 6 levels,  is to counteract it all with the anti inflammatory omega 3’s. 

So to avoid feeling guilt ridden after my little burger and fries (and if I do start to feel rubbish) and allow harmony from within, I use the trusty old flax seeds. Not only are they full of iron, zinc (also crucial for the immune system to function properly) and magnesium they are also a great source of  omega 3  no less,  and I love to add these little grains of goodness to one of my berries, banana and almond milkshakes. 


My Little Anti-inflammatory Milkshake

Handful of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)
1 Banana
1 cup of Almond milk
2 Tbsp Flaxseeds 

Pop everything into a blender and blitz. Enjoy ❤️


Milk Thistle – Anti-Inflammatory/Detoxing Cleansing Power 💪🏽🤩

There are many benefits of milk thistle, another ani-inflammatory antioxidant, which boosts the immune system beautifully as well as gently detoxing the liver.  I have started adding a raw organic powder from Erbology to my shakes every now again. This amazing plant not only helps cleanse the liver from medications and heavy metals (as well as the booze and drugs) it also is fantastic at protecting each cell of the liver from any incoming toxins!!

Us BII ladies know all too well that feeling of chronic fatigue, and when there is a toxic build up our poor old liver struggles to cleanse the blood effectively, leaving us open to this unbearable exhaustion, headaches, crappy digestion, inflammation and our immune system throwing its toys out of the pram. 

So this tasty delicious little shake really helps boost my immune system to the max, detox when I feel the need to add milk thistle and allows me to have a bit of naughty ol’ stodge when needed.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Inflammatory/Detoxing Milkshake

    • Miss Diagnosed says:

      Hi Julie, so you could easily use a handful of berry’s (frozen or fresh) and add almond milk and then some coconut milk from a tin. I always use the Biona as they are free from any added nasties. This makes it really creamy and yummy xx


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