I decided to get breast implants in 1994 after breastfeeding my two daughters for months on end which had taken me from a full C cup to a barely there AA cup.

I had 350 Nagor textured implants and was happy with my results once they settled down.

After about 6 years I started to notice background headaches and periods of fatigue and constant thrush infections but put it down to being run down and having young girls and working. I just learned to live with it as it wasn’t too debilitating.

In 2005, 11 years after implants I had my son… my breasts ballooned and was assured breastfeeding would be ok so I did. After having my son I started to feel much worse but put it down to two teenage girls and a baby to look after and blamed my headaches/fatigue /low mood on a post natal depression.

In 2010 after my implants had been in about 16 years my headaches prompted me to finally visit gp who started me on medication for them …it didn’t work so he ran bloods which said I was peri menopausal (at 44)and had hypothyroidism (I later asked for antibodies tested and was positive for hashimotos). My thyroid was medicated and bloods were ok but I still felt shocking with headaches and fatigue and random bouts of hair shedding and a constant stiff neck and shoulders and insomnia and feeling like I was reacting to foods and became ill every time I drank alcohol. I then tried many more medications that didn’t work for my headaches including steroid injections.Ive tried literally everything including alternative therapies/remedies for all of my symptoms, trying to treat them separately..nothing worked …nothing ever flagged up on CT scans or MRI scans. I got sick and tired of forever being at the doctors with various issues …nothing ever showed up so I was offered anti depressants and fobbed off!

My last period was at 47 so a few years early.  It was about this time I noticed one of my breast looked a little different so I was referred to breast clinic and assured after mammogram and ultrasound and examination that everything was perfect and it was just the cosmetic look of them that was an issue.  I decided to remove and replace anyway with 375 Motiva silicone seeing as now (in 2015 ) they were over 20 years old and I wondered if my issues were down to that.  My surgeon said afterwards that one was split and ruptured and the other was ruptured mush!  I was shocked but glad I’d removed and replaced as I then blamed my symptoms on the fact my implants had been ruptured for god knows how long!!  I had 2 days straight after surgery where I was headache free and felt great and positive but then I was back to feeling unwell.  I noticed a strong chemical smell coming from my chest and armpits for a few weeks.  Since that remove and replace I have been suffering with the same symptoms but they are more amplified but extra ones too like joint pain, tinnitus, buzzing, palpitations, constant thirst, funny taste in my mouth, blurry eyes, (also start of cataracts)brain fog, memory problems, low mood, anxiety, loss of muscle, jaw pain, teeth grinding, food intolerances, nausea, zero libido.

I ended my then relationship because I couldn’t function in it ..we lived apart and I just wasn’t up for moving forwards in it or doing anything. I was constantly cancelling days out and just needed to be on my own and although he didn’t want it to be that way I said it was over. Life just consisted of work and bed and trying to find answers or just accepting this is my life. Just a few months ago I was given botox for my daily chronic hangover type headaches and migraines…. it’s done nothing to help but if anything has fanned the fire on my symptoms…it’s then that I came across bii and started joining up the dots which lead me to the UK group!

Finally an answer.. so many women like me…

I do have grade 3/4 capsular contracture in both breasts and silicone in my lymph nodes too… yet again I’ve been told they are intact at the breast clinic. Through the help of this wonderful Facebook group I am now booked for explant(enbloc) and lift and it can’t come soon enough…

25 yrs of implants and the best part of 20 years suffering with symptoms that couldn’t be addressed or relieved at all no matter how much money I’ve spent on this and that. I had them because I wanted to feel sexy but instead I’ve felt like an old woman and felt pain of some sort for almost 20 years. I just can’t do this anymore, I’ve had enough! I appreciate it may not all be plain sailing after explant but one things for sure I certainly have no chance of better health as long as these foreign bodies are inside of me.

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