I’m 43.  I had breast implants at the age of 30 due to having post natal and feeling terrible about myself ( my son was only 3 months).

The symptoms started when I turned 40 and came off the pill
Joint pain, migraine, burning eyes, neck pai , chest tightness, lumpy breast, heart palpitations, recurring UTI, cysts, sleep apnea, hormone imbalance, zero progesterone, zero testosterone, PCOS diagnosis, feeling of death every day, food intolerance, reaction to medication and reaction to stress.

I came across BII 4 months ago, watched karissa pukas video and thought THIS IS ME.

I’m booked for explant with Guy Sterne in Birmingham on 14th August.

I’ve lost my life, I’m skinny, look haunted, I feel anxious, sad, don’t socialise,
I was the life and soul before this.

Bye bye 13 yr old boobs, I can’t wait to be flat. I had 340 over muscle and I will be lucky to scrape an A but I don’t care I just want to be well.

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