I’ve had implants in since 2005.

My very first symptom started in 2011. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but refused to accept this as I was so busy with work! Since then I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, put on methotrexate which makes me feel very nauseous and causes pins and needles. I have the full set of BII symptoms now and feel so poorly, everyday is a struggle, I can’t wait for bed time, then lay awake until my exhausted body gives out around 3am. A nurse friend of mine told me she thought it was my implants causing me to feel this way years ago but I was in denial.

18months ago I went to the breast clinic and back to my PS. (NHS) At both appointments I was reassured there was nothing wrong with them despite them being 12-13 years old. I rapidly went downhill ill and suffered pain in my right boob.

I was referred back to the breast clinic last week and sure enough my right implant has ruptured. He said it must have been ruptured for a long time.  I saw a surgeon who said he’s going to get them out for me.  My operation is on 30th August at my local nhs hospital. I originally had them in via NHS as I suffer from an hereditary condition. The NHS have told me that absolutely under no circumstances will they replace them (as if I want that !!!)

It makes me wonder that they know and recognise BII and don’t want to be seen as being part of this scandal when it all blows up.

I am 57. I have an identical twin sister who doesn’t have implants and despite living similar lifestyles, she is 100% more healthier than me .She too was offered implants ( because of our condition ) but refused. I couldn’t understand why at the time! oh how hindsight is a wonderful thing !!!!

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