I feel compelled to share my story, however vulnerable and open to judgement it could potentially make me. But if it could make a difference to at least one person, then that would be fantastic and indeed incredibly worthwhile. So here goes…

For nine years I had been suffering with a host of ailments and debilitating medical conditions which doctors and practitioners were unable to explain. My quality of life had diminished dramatically and I was just a shell of the healthy, active, happy-go-lucky woman that I was previously.

By chance in April 2018 I watched an interview on This Morning with Hannah Spearritt. She talked about her chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, forgetfulness, hair loss, joint pain (I also had SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, under-active thyroid, unexplained weight gain, insomnia, migraines, intolerance to changes in temperature) and I couldn’t help thinking that she was describing lots of my symptoms. She explained that she had Breast Implant Illness, and there struck for me a lightbulb moment as I realised instantly – it was this very condition that had condemned me to chronic sickness for so long.

Twelve years previously I got breast implants to balance out my breasts after breast feeding two children, and put simply, my body wasn’t ready for the cocktail of chemicals and metals that were about to be put inside me. I was lucky, however, in my discovery of two wonderful Facebook groups where brave women share their honest, heartfelt stories and give fantastic advice and support. I booked my explant surgery with a fabulously skilled surgeon and had the toxic time-bombs removed in June 2018.

Now that my healing journey has begun I already feel so much better and, though I still have a way to go, I feel blessed that I’ve been able to give my body the best chance of recovery.

For those of you considering implants or for those who have them, or know someone who does and has medical conditions that can’t be explained or controlled by medicines and supplements, then please research Breast Implant Illness and encourage others to love their authentic selves.

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