8 weeks ago today I had my 14 year old breast implants removed, not for any other reason than to support my best friend who we believed was suffering from BII (Breast Implant Illness) She had been so sick for 3 years in and out of the doctors and not knowing what the hell was wrong with her, her symptoms mimicked, Fybromialgia, lupus, MS the list went on and on, but all tests kept coming back clear despite being so unwell.

A mutual friend of ours had mentioned something about BII and after hours and hours of endless research from thousands of other women on Facebook forums especially (UK Breast Implant illness & healing support group) we knew that my friend ticked all the boxes that her symptoms was being caused by her 14 yr old implants.

I decided to have mine removed with her, purely to support her on her journey, I wouldn’t have even considered having mine changed or removed otherwise, over the past several years my health hasn’t been great either, I suffered from a lot of joint pains in my back, hip, shoulder, ankles, hair loss, asthma, chronic fatigue, and last year I was diagnosed with colitis an inflammatory bowel condition, I never once thought that my symptoms could have been connected to my implants…

BUT from the moment I woke up from having my implants removed I have been symptom free!!!!!

I have so much energy it’s unreal, no pain, no hair loss no nothing!!! I feel like i have my life back and i didn’t even realise that I had lost it!! I was horrified to see that my right implant was completely and utterly ruptured!!! (see photo attached) The other photo is a photo of my gum line before and after Explant, where you can clearly see a reduction in inflammation that I didn’t even realise i had!! My poor body had been inflamed from head to toe all caused by my implants!!!




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