From the age of 17/18 I wanted breast implants. At the age of 26 I took a bank loan out & had the op in the January 2005.

Roughly in 2009 I started with severe headaches, I was told they were “cluster” headaches as I could get up with it, go to work, go home & go to bed, then do it all over again the next day, with the same headache. The worst one I had, lasted for 2 full weeks. I had numerous tests/scans (everything came back negative) I was put on some heavy medication to control them, anti epilepsy drugs at night & a beta blocker in the morning.

As they got worse I was also diagnosed with insomnia & depression in 2010 (a lot was going on in my family life at the time, so put it down to that) in 2011 my hair started to fall out a lot, I’d noticed but was a bit dismissive about it. Then when my hairdresser of nearly 10 years noticed it I broke down, but she told me not to worry as it’ll make it worse & to take some supplements ASAP.

Then later in 2011 I was informed I had the dreaded PIP implants, my same surgeon recalled me. He scanned me, mine hadn’t ruptured, so was put on the waiting list which was until December 2012. The surgeon replaced them with Nagor, to which I remember him telling me they were British made & textured as that would help the skin knit to them & less likely to “flip” like my previous PIPs had. In 2013 my hubby & I decided to get pregnant, so I had to come off all medication.

I gave birth in the October 2013 (he was premature) and as I tried to breastfeed, I struggled. I tried for 3 months, but had hardly any milk. I found throughout my pregnancy that I couldn’t breathe if I laid on my right side, like my nose was blocked, but that stayed after giving birth, I also lost my sense of smell.

In 2014 my headaches were horrendous again & my depression was terrible. But looking after a baby I didn’t want to go back on such strong meds. I started my supplements again as my hair was thinning again, my fatigue, headaches, were awful but again, I put it down to having a baby.

All my issues continued & in 2016 my hubby & I went to America for a while, I then got a really bad pain going from my neck, chest, to under my armpit, right down to my fingertips. I could hardly lift my arm up & if I did, it shook like a nerve was damaged. I went to numerous doctors over there, they did physio but nothing helped! We came back from the USA but in 2018 all my conditions were still there. Then I started to get really bad memory fog, forgetting words, mixing words up, putting numbers in the wrong way and general memory loss. Then came the body aches, night-sweats, mood swings are terrible, I honestly thought I was going through the change. Had all tests done at my GP, all came back negative. Changed my contraceptive, still just as bad! I’m also a nightmare for wanting to go out whether it be with friends or hubby but then I’ll either cancel on the day or once I’m out, I want to go home! I just can’t enjoy my life.

I then started to look into what it could be & after a lot of research, I found a group of ladies who all said they had the same & more symptoms like mine. The more women that were explanting, were seeing a huge difference in their health after they’d taken these toxic bags out. I then looked at the relation of BIA-ALCL to implants & was shocked to see how dangerous these are!

I don’t need to help my body get any kind of cancer, it’s rife in my family & I don’t want to put myself at any more risk than it’s already at. At the end of the day, they’re a foreign body & the body tries its hardest to push them out & reject them which makes so much sense. I’m 41 now & I have a 5yr old son. My main concern is seeing him grow up. My hubby has never been a boob man, he’s a legs & bum man. It was my choice to put what I thought were “fun bags” in, it’s now my choice to remove the “toxic bags” and rebuild my life.

After numerous consultations & being made to feel like I’m a freak, I found Beryl at Transpire. Beryl, Mr Irshad & Mr Aslam made me feel very comfortable talking about BII & I made the decision to go with them.

I explanted on 17th May 2019. I was groggy/woozy for literally a full week after, but that was due to the antibiotics. Pain wise it was sore more on my left, but that was the side they had to “dig” apparently.

Second week, the first thing I noticed was, I hadn’t had one headache. Then I realised I’d been sleeping throughout the night, every night for a good 7-8 hours. The memory fog is still here but I seem to remember quicker, so doesn’t seem as bad. My nails grew ridiculously long, I’d filed them down twice in a week & still looked like talons.

So now I’m 5 weeks post op. Was back at work after week 3, I feel brighter, happier, less stressed & more confident. It was my birthday last week, my hubby said he’d not seen me laugh & have fun like that in years. Said he felt like he’d got the “old Deb back” my mum said my face looks perkier & brighter.

I believe the heal is real. Here’s to more symptoms fading & me getting my life back on track.

Mrs B

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