Raising Awareness – BII Lecture at BAAPS

So I have some really fantastic news.

Plastic surgeon Mr David Floyd contacted me a little while ago as he had been asked by BAAPS to present a lecture on BII and wanted advice, clarification etc on some areas. As you can imagine, I was over the moon and more than happy to be of some help.

It was really lovely to speak with a surgeon who understands what Breast Implant Illness   (BII) is all about. Whom has compassion for women wanting to explant because they have a set of symptoms and illnesses they are realising are connected to their implants. A surgeon that is willing to discuss a very grey area with his peers due to the fact he has seen how the number of women arriving at his clinic with BII is rising.

The lecture was well received by all the members. They agreed that even though there is no scientific evidence regarding BII, there are a lot of patients walking through their doors and once explanted, are much better.

They discussed and agreed that we need to be looked after properly with respect and understanding.

The President of BAPRAS has also requested that a patient advocate help them to work things out. Mr Floyd asked if I would be happy to do this, and of course I have said yes. I am still waiting to hear from Mr Henley.

The Association of Breast Surgeons has also asked for Mr Floyd to speak at a meeting in June on BII.

This is just incredible progress that we have surgeons, whom are well respected in their field, now discussing BII and being heard.
I will update you all as soon as I know/ hear any more.

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