How Breathworks helped me to detox and heal…

During my time in what I called prison aka my bedroom, I spent a lot of time on social media whiling away the hours scrolling through post after post. Mostly I hated it because everyone seemed to be having so much fun and looked healthy and happy in an upright position. However one day a post popped up sharing a recently published book by none other than Rebecca Dennis, called ‘And Breathe’. Having read a little write up about it, I ordered on Amazon prime and it arrived the next day. I read the first chapter, shed a million more tears and emailed this Ms Dennis straight away, asking if she had any appointments for a breathing session. Thankfully she did.

That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Breathworks has changed my life. It has helped me in so many ways, I am not even sure where to start. But one of my main issues when I arrived at Rebecca’s door was my broken body and how it was affecting me mentally, physically and emotionally. I knew this was all down to my journey with Breast Implant Illness (BII) and through my breathwork sessions, it helped me to release all the anxiety I was carrying, the depression that was weighing me down and gently detox, which is such a huge part of the healing process for BII. 

What is Breathworks?

Transformational breath® is a natural and gentle self-healing technique that activates the body’s resources to promote health and well-being from within.

Learning to breathe more efficiently, opens and expands our breathing to support the body’s natural healing abilities. 70% of the body’s toxins are released through exhalation. Deep diaphragmatic breathing allows high volumes of oxygen to be absorbed by the lungs, allowing it to cleanses and revitalise the body. This process brings us more energy, increased detoxification, strengthens our immune system and improves our metabolism & digestion.

How can Breathwork help with women healing from BII?

Pre Explant

When it is first discovered that implants are the possible cause of many years of ill health and a wealth of symptoms, it is incredibly common for the ladies to go into panic mode. They become incredibly angry with the system and themselves, for allowing this situation to occur which has lead them to missing out on living a full and happy life.

They start their journey by going to the doctor for advice and then continue with a desperate search to find a surgeon whom has some understanding and sympathy with breast implant illness. There is a sense of urgency in getting them removed as quickly as possible, which adds to the stress load. However during this process they can find at times that they are dismissed, made to feel crazy and also incredibly alone. Then there is also the fact that there may not be any money in the kitty needed to explant. These situations can cause a lot of anxiety, on top of feeling so poorly.

After months or even years, the day of the explant has finally arrived. The general anaesethic is always daunting and there is more worry regarding the surgery and the outcome.

In this pre explant phase, a simple breathing exercise would be so beneficial to all ladies going through this. By helping to calm your sympathetic nervous system, it allows the body and mind to calm, bringing peace and clarity from within.

Rebecca Dennis has a wonderful website, The Breathing Tree, that has some incredible easy to use breathing exercises… you may find them helpful during this period of waiting to explant.

Post Explant

IS A MINE FIELD for most ladies. They have had their explant and now they are moving forward into the healing phase.

The first few days/weeks are mostly amazing for many of the ladies. They find that they feel alive again, the brain fog has lifted, their hair has stopped falling out ( just to clarify that all women are different and go through different symptoms and healing patterns). Between weeks 3-8 it can all take a nose dive. Suddenly their bodies are showing the same symptoms. Panic ensues as their ‘freedom from the symptoms’ comes to an abrupt end and new lease of life seems mere flash in the pan.

This is when the real healing starts to take place.

This is where I found the breath and why it has been so beneficial in my healing process.

So in combination of changing my diet and my lifestyle, Transformational Breath® helped me to calm my sympathetic nervous system down, reduce the stress load and detox.

Detoxing is one of the main and most important parts during the healing stage.

None of us have any idea what the hell is going on inside our bodies thanks to the implants. It is believed that there are toxins within the make up of these implants that cause disruption to our endocrine system, messing with our hormonal balance and adrenals and putting our bodies homeostatic balance out of whack. With our bodies building a defence wall around the foreign invader, this causes a continual inflammatory response, thus keeping our bodies in a state of attack. All of this has a detrimental impact on the health of that body and once one system is out of balance it has a knock on effect for the rest, which can cause a multitude of health problems, mineral and vitamin imbalances – which in turn then has a knock on effect on our gut microbiome health, leading to possible depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

So to detox our bodies and help it regain balance through out, getting our sluggish lymphatic system working is the key. Lots of us decide as part of our healing to have a lymphatic drainage to help navigate the toxins being released from our systems. This is normally achieved by seeing a lymphatic drainage massage therapist.

The other key to getting the lymphatic system working at optimal level is to exercise. However when you are feeling ill, the last thing you want to do is exercise and if you were stuck, like me, in bed, it simply leads to a stagnant lymph system and build up of toxins – compromising your cardiovascular system as well as your immune system.

However a simple breathing session can achieve all that by getting that sluggish lymph system working again. Learning to breathe more efficiently, opens and expands our breathing to support the body’s natural healing abilities. 70% of the body’s toxins are released through exhalation. Deep diaphragmatic breathing allows high volumes of oxygen to be absorbed by the lungs, allowing it to cleanses and revitalise the body. This process brings us more energy, increased detoxification, strengthens our immune system and improves our metabolism & digestion.

The Physiology

During the stress of BII, breathing patterns change with emotions running high, the pains running rife around the body and also having heavy weight of implants on the chest.

When we are in pain it makes us tense up, breath more rapidly and this signals to the body that there is a problem and it goes into fight or flight situation. The body already struggling under its constant immune response to remove the foreign intruder of the implants, now has an added stressor of irregular breathing. The sympathetic nervous system releases adrenaline as it is in this state of fight or flight, elevating the heart rate (causing anxiety) which on a constant loop, leads to chronic illnesses – such as autoimmune issues.
Retraining the breath and opening up the diaphragm, relaxing the body, signals that all is well, which in turn activates the parasympathetic nervous system to relax and allows the body to regain homeostatic balance.

Transformational Breath® has completely changed my life, by unblocking restricted breathing patterns and allowed me to successfully regain my health and live my life to the fullest again. Experiencing this profound healing technique inspired me to become a facilitator so that I could share this incredibly powerful and beautiful healing tool with others.

If you are interested in learning more about this powerful healing tool and all its benefits, you can find more information on my website A Little Breathing Space.

2 thoughts on “How Breathworks helped me to detox and heal…

  1. Louise Matthews says:

    This is amazing Abbie! In October I went on holiday in Turkey and experienced my first breathe therapy class, it left me feeling tingly all over, slightly dizzy and absolutely amazed that breathing could have such a physiological response in my body. It was only an introduction so didn’t really reap emotional benefits at that time. Since I’ve been home I’ve been actively looking for a transformational breathwork class locally but havent found one yet. I also have just listened to a podcast with Rebecca Dennis talking time Fearne Cotton on Happy Space about this very subject. I would love to try it properly. Maybe I need to go to a London. Thank you for posting this x


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