Post Explant Detox

The whole detoxing your body situation can be really overwhelming. My head was filled with so many questions.. Where do I start? What is best to do? How will I know if its working? I honestly thought my head was going to explode with all the uncertainty and my anxiety was soaring through the roof. Having already been ‘diagnosed’ with an autoimmune disease, taken the meds prescribed and then taken myself off them after 3 months of sickness, I was in a constant state of uncertainty regarding doing the right thing by my body. I knew the only way to feel better would be to get professional help from a nutritionist. If you haven’t had the chance to read about all the tests I did, the results showing exactly what was going on in my body and the detox/ diet/ supplement protocols I went through, you can read all about it here in  Catherine The Great… and Nine Months Post Explant.

So the biggest part of my detox after explant has been my diet and the supplements. Even as I write this today I am still detoxing copper and heavy metals from my system. It definitely isn’t for the faint hearted and you need to be committed and strong to keep it up.. but when you start seeing the results, its ridiculously satisfying. I am still continuing with my Pre Explant Detox routine but since explant I have also included the stuff below to help me through my healing journey..

Apple Cider Vinegar

Research done by the U.S. Departments of Agricultural Research Service found that the key ingredient to a healthy gut was the pectin found in fermented apples used to make raw, unfiltered,  apple cider vinegar.  Its the pectin in these apples that forms a gel in the intestine, eliminating toxins by removing the biofilm, which in turn encourages the growth of good bacteria.

What is Biofilm? Biofilm is a sticky film created by microscopic bacteria to protect them and ensure their survival in the gut. A healthy gut is filled with wonderful beneficial bacteria that create a thin biofilm that is anti-inflammatory and lubricating to our bodies. When unhealthy biofilm develops in the body, it prevents the absorption of nutrients and makes a great hideout for pathogenic microorganisms,  which in turn become resistant to the immune system thus making it even more difficult to fight infection. If you read my post on my gut test in Catherine The Great…, you will be aware that pathogenic microorganisms were found in abundance in my gut and I was severely lacking the good guys.  So having read that Apple Cider Vinegar was a great way to naturally break down this slimy nasties harbouring substance, I started drinking  2tsp of Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) mixed in about 200ml of filtered water each morning to flush out my system. Now 9 months on, I have it maybe once or twice a week.

I have also found that with detoxing, you can become a little bit constipated at times and drinking a glass of ACV with water can really help shift that backlog!

If you want to learn more about the gut I highly recommend reading GUT by Giulia Enders. The information in her book helped me really get an in-depth understanding of my gut and the benefits of my detox.


Chlorella is a algae that is cultivated in fresh water ponds exposed to sunlight. It has many qualities such as….

  • Is antiviral.
  • It restores healthy gut flora
  • binds to heavy metals, dioxins and other environmental toxins.
  • It repairs the body’s detoxification functions.
  • It has alpha and gamma lineolic acids in it that help increase the intake of fish oil and other important fatty acids.
  • Methyl-coblolamine repairs the nervous system and damaged neurons which often suffer from heavy metal poisoning.
  • It contains the most easily absorbed form of B12 and B6.
  • It is able to open cell walls, which is necessary for detox processes.
  • Chlorella restores healthy gut flora.

There is loads on the internet about how great chlorella is at detoxing heavy metals and I wanted in on the action. I found in Neal’s Yard Remedies, Organic Greens Complex with purifying Chlorella. You can add it to juices, smoothies or soups. I like to be different and  just have it with water and gulp it down in one. I won’t sugar coat this for you, it’s pretty vile. However knowing that it’s helping my body heal,  those two seconds of gluggling down murky sea tasting water,  which makes my face screw up in disgust,  is worth it.

1tsp mixed in whatever you can stand..

Green Detox Juice

I drank this every day for months on end. I would adapt it if I had to keep my sugar intake low. I would take out the apple and use half a sweet potato or a small beetroot. I also sometimes add 2cm of fresh turmeric if I am having a sore bone/muscle/joint day. Here is the link to the recipe Green Detox Juice.


I try and have a sauna at least twice a week. I use a traditional sauna at my local gym,  as there isn’t an infrared sauna near to me. With our skin being the largest organ in our body, regular use of a sauna will help to sweat out the toxins. According to Dr Wilson, raising our body temperature powerfully assists the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.


At least twice a week I go swimming. I started off with 10 lengths and have slowly built it up to more as time goes on. It doesn’t sound like much, but its enough gentle exercise for me. I will then go and sit in the sauna from 5 mins to 15 mins to get my detox in.

I attended a pilates class for an hour once a week which I have found a wonderful gentle exercise.

I also have a dog, so I get to walk her at least three to four times a week for half an hour.


One thing I simple could not do without is my soft tissue massage and lymphatic drainage once a week. This has been an incredible part to my healing. Sometimes I am wiped out for a day after a session and then feel amazing the day after that. Lymphatic drainage helps to rid the body of toxins and excess lymph (the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system) by stimulating the body’s lymphatic system using specific massage techniques. The lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system and part of its function is to drain, transport, filter and remove broken down foreign substances and waste from our tissue. The massage technique gently moves the lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes, where the body can then dispose of the waste more easily. Benefits of the treatment can include clearer skin, a better immune system and boosted vitality.


It is well known that sleep is vital for healing and a healthy immune system. So I make sure I get at least 8-10 hours a night ….. when my body allows me!!


I have had two glass of champers and two glasses of red wine in over a year.. I actually didn’t drink for a year when I first got ill. As much as I have wanted to, at times, drink myself into oblivion to forget everything.. I know that keeping the alcohol to a absolute minimum has helped my body heal. I will have plenty of time to drink when I am fully recovered.

All the above has definitely helped me heal my body. I didn’t do them all at once, I tried one at a time to see how my body coped and showed signs of working. Just remember to be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and take it easy. I am the type of person who likes everything done yesterday, however illness and toxicity from breast implants is definitely not something that can be fixed overnight. Its a long process and patience is definitely the key.

Feel free to comment below or ask any questions.. always happy to help



Green Detox Juice


This is my little green juice recipe that I’ve been drinking now since explant. It’s tasty and packed full of goodness to help along the detox of toxins in the body.


Studies have shown that coriander binds to heavy metals in the bloodstream, purifying tissues, organs, and blood. Coriander is also great for helping to rid your gut of unwanted organisms, candida etc..

Kale & Spinach

Green leafy vegetables like kale & spinach are detoxifying and can help reduce the buildup of heavy metals like mercury in the body. Its also helps support the liver and kidney functions. They are both hight in iron and fibre and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Is also great at getting rid of unwanted organisms. Its a natural anti inflammatory,  antibiotic and decongestant. It also makes the juice taste amazing (I am a huge ginger lover)


Not only does the apple help the juice to taste a bit sweeter but the pectin in apples forms a gel in the intestine that eliminates toxins.


Also helps to sweeten up the juice and is packed full of great vitamins and minerals which help cleanse the liver.

When I had to cut out fruit during my gut detox protocol, I used beetroot and sweet potato instead and it was just as tasty, if not sweeter!



4 carrots

2-3cms ginger (or more if you like is spicy)

1 apple (pips removed)

1 small handful of Spinach

1 small handful of Kale

1 small buch of Coriander

Juice all the ingredients, if you use a cold pressed juicer, juice the greens last. Serve with lots of ice and drink immediately.



Pre Explant Detox

When I first put two and two together and realised that my implants were the reason for the demise of my health. Apart from wanting to remove them from my body as fast as possibly could, I also got the urgency to want to detox my body and remove all unwanted toxins from within. However, the more I read about detoxing and the best way to go about it on the support group, I realised that trying to detox and clean out my body while the silicone was still inside me, wasn’t a great idea. It would simply move toxins around my body. Also at this point, I was feeling pretty rotten and weak most of the time. Making a cup of tea was an effort, so trying to have ‘clean living’ diet, wasn’t going to be easy.  I also wanted to make sure that I had full strength before my operation.

However, there was a couple of things I did to help my body cope with its current situation of ‘falling apart’ before I my operation day finally arrived. I have to say, it really did make a difference to how my body felt. They were simple and a gentle way to start the detox process ….

Epsom Salt Bath Detox

This link above will take you to my fabulous Epsom Bath Salt post.. it explains why they are just so darn good for you and it even has the recipe I use and links to where you can buy all the ingredients. So I won’t repeat myself again on here. I will say this – pre explant my body was always in some sort of pain. I found my knees hurt or hip/bum area was uncomfortable and my shoulders, elbows, wrists would feel broken on occasions…actually, there were many parts of my anatomy that were crying out for help!! I took one of these baths at least three times a week,  and they really helped ease the pains. I found that the next day after the bath I would actually feel better. When I first started them, they weren’t the most relaxing experience.  I could just about stay in the bath for 10 minutes. I would be sweating like I was in the desert without shade and when I got out, I would feel really dizzy.  But as time went on, I found that I was sweating less and could last soaking for a lot longer, also the dizzy spells stopped. I still continue to have the baths now after explant and I can last until the bath gets cold, I hardly sweat at all…. I also now add a few drops of camomile essential oils to help me sleep better – if needed.

Dry Brushing

It has also been said that our skin is like a third kidney. This is because one of the skin’s primary functions is to get rid of toxins. It is responsible for a quarter of the body’s detoxification process every single day. In your body, your lymphatic system is the system responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. … Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease. By stimulating your lymphatic system and helping it release toxins, dry skin brushing one of the most efficient, quickest, and easiest ways to help your skin get rid of these toxins from your body.

Since the toxins build up when we are asleep, I always use my  natural bristle brush before or after my shower in the morning.

  • Brush in a slow, circular motion.
  • Start by brushing your feet, then upward your legs, then abdomen.
  • Always make sure you are brushing towards the direction of your heart.
  • Then brush down your arms, back, and neck.
  • Do not brush your face as the skin is very sensitive
  • After brushing, it is recommended to drink water, (preferably filtered water) as this assists in clearing away the toxins you’ve just released.


Every day Beauty Products

We use so many products in our every day life. Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, moisturiser, make up, nail varnish etc. Most of them have many harmful chemicals in them that can disrupt our endocrine system. Silicone is in most of them and a huge endocrine disrupter, (there will be a post up soon about our endocrine system and how it works very soon).  With our skin being our biggest organ in our body,  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t using products that could add to the toxic overload my body was already crumbling under. So I removed pretty much everything  and replaced it with the following….

Deodorant – I started with PitROK Crystal Original.  Doesn’t block pores and is
• Free from Aluminium Chlorohydrate or Aluminium Zirconium.
• Free from Parabens, SLS/SLES, Propylene Glycol, Silicone.
• Fragrance Free.

I now use Neals Yard Remedies Lavender & Aloe Vera deodorant.  Free from pore-blocking aluminium salts and preservatives. This is the list of ingredients which are all from natural origin..   Alcohol denat., Aqua, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) leaf juice powder*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil*, Cananga odorata (Ylang ylang) oil*, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) oil*, Glycerin, Sodium usnate (Lichen) extract, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl salicylate, Coumarin, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

Body Wash – Korres brands – they are free from the following…


They do however still contain some chemicals, like sodium laureth sulfate, which has controversy around its safety but for me, my main concern was silicones and so I was happy to use the Korres brand.

Shampoo and Conditioner – Again, I use a mix of Korres or Neals Yard Remedies products. Again they are both great.

Hair Dye – I didn’t dye my hair in the run up to explant as it was falling out at a crazy rate. I still left it un-dyed after explant  and it was quite a long time before I went back to my Organic Hairdresser.  They use an organic semi permanent hair dye on me and I now dye my hair once every 3 months – the colour seems to take better and last longer than before explant!!

Face Wash – I use to buy most of my face products from Space NK. However once I read the back of what I was actually using on my face.. I stopped immediately and started using a face balm by  Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. It’s 100% natural ingredients and my skin loves it!

Face Cream – Again I went back to Korres and use their Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream.  Again it was free from silicones.


I also use Mama Nature Queen B Natural Beauty Balm. The ingredients are all natural again;  Calendula Infused Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey, Euphoria Longana Honey, Brazilian Green Propolis Extract.However – Do not use if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, allergic to any of the ingredients or have a nut allergy.

Body Moisturising – I very simply use coconut oil. Its fantastic and you smell great.
Nail Varnish – I haven’t worn nail varnish since two months before explant! If you wonder why,  The Huffington Post gives a great insight.. yet again, chemicals from the nail varnish possibly disrupting our all important endocrine system. To be honest, since explant my nails have just changed completely, they are all shiny and smooth as if they have just been buffed, so I don’t really need any nail varnish. Saying that.. I am sure I will use it again in the future for special occasions. However the thought of using nail varnish remover and the chemicals in that … maybe not!!!
Make-Up – okay this is where I haven’t really changes much.. purely because I really do not use that much make up. I have continued with the light BB cream, mascara and eyeliner and occasional lipstick.


This was something else I wanted to address before explant. Living in the english countryside I was already very aware of the issues with pesticides. When they spray, many of us living close by find we get headaches and itchy sore throats. Even though I can not get away from this situation unless I move, I wanted at least try to reduce the levels and toxins from the pesticides within my body. Like most toxins, yet again there is a lot of information about it disrupting the endocrine system.  I also read somewhere that it only takes a week for pesticides to leave your body.. I have no idea if that is true or not – nor can I find the article!! This wasn’t the only reason to change….

According to the UK Soil Association,  studies performed by Newcastle University showed the following

Good things happen when you go organic

  • organic milk and meat contain around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic.
  • organic meat had slightly lower concentrations of two saturated fats
  • organic milk and dairy contains slightly higher concentrations of iron, Vitamin E and some carotenoids
  • organically produced crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic.
  • organic fruit and veg contain lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.
So I slowly started to change over to an organic diet. This wasn’t possible for all fruit and veg, as not all of them are stocked as organic in the supermarkets. I had been told about Liquid Chlorophyll and how a few drops added into water will clean fruits and vegetables, ridding them of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. So I have a bottle by my sink and been cleaning all my veggies, organic and non organic in it ever since.
I will be posting soon about my detox protocol after explant in the next week or so.
Thanks for reading and any questions please feel free to message me. x





Nine Months Post Explant

Happy New Year!!

Well what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was feeling like utter pants and wondering when the fresh hell I was living with daily was going to end. This year I am going about my daily motherly duties mainly with ease. It isn’t something I take for granted, I can tell you!!

I still suffer with fatigue and I haven’t been sleeping particularly well of late. My wrists are my main concern as my left wrist has a lump on the side and also a very slight swelling that comes and goes. They can feel bruised and sore,  like I have strained them.. the pain is usually in the night time and first thing in the morning OR if I have been typing.. so I stopped typing (hence the absence of posts on here) to try and help them heal. I am still not sure if it is connected to arthritis, RA or if it is connected to the detox of the heavy metals and copper, as this is known to also cause pains in joint and muscles!!! Just wish I could have a definitive answer.. but only time will tell and I must be patient.

However, I can’t believe how quickly 9 months has gone. It’s not been an easy 9 months thats for sure. I have gone through the crash after explant, which was scary at the time as I had nothing to gage it against and there is nothing written down by a doctor to say.. “yes this is normal.. don’t panic”.  Two detox’s… one for the gut and one from copper. Neither of them an easy thing to undertake and definitely not for the faint hearted. You needed to have determination and stamina for these bad boys! In fact I have just started copper detox round two!! Hurrah *said with such sarcasm*

So just before Christmas, I had another Hair Mineral Analysis test done to find our how the copper elimination was going. Here are the results…


The top line of numbers under the graph are the new results, the ones underneath are my original test results. I always use my nutritionist Catherine Jeans to go through the results as they are quite complicated to understand and she advises me on supplements and diet from there.

As you can see, it showed that I had lost a third of my copper, which was excellent news. Also my potassium and sodium had risen loads. This is what the lab says about these two…

Tissue sodium levels are frequently reflective of adrenal glandular activity. A further increase in tissue sodium to 46 mg% is indicative of a possible increase in adrenal gland activity. Contributing factors to arise in the sodium level can include; stress (physical or emotional), continued high sodium consumption, or toxic metal elimination (removal of toxic metals may produce a temporary rise in tissue sodium levels). Sodium intake (table salt) and high sodium foods should be restricted as much as possible at this time, especially if high blood pressure is noted.

Potassium is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, muscular contraction, and nerve conduction. An increase in the tissue potassium level may indicate an improvement in any tendencies that might be present toward potassium- deficiency conditions, such as; fatigue, poor digestion and hypoglycemia.

This was great news, as this showed that my adrenals function was finally kicking back in.

I had a lovely three week break from the detox over Christmas, where I indulged on a little more sweet items, like fruit and some dark chocolate. It was heavenly! I really pushed the boat out and broke the law when we went out for Christmas meals with friends and had a pudding!! Fully loaded with all the bad stuff…but I am still alive and not in agony, so all good.

Now back to reality and I have started the second phase of copper detox. It has been just over a week and I am already feeling the effects. After four days in,  the water works started and I sobbed like a loon.  This time though,  I didn’t hold it back, I just let it all out and felt loads better afterwards. I knew it was connected to my body detoxing, as this happened last time round, so it didn’t start getting all anxious about it.  I am also feeling quite wiped out with it and so I try and have a rest in the afternoon and let my body heal. But best of all and joy of joys, the acne has come back with a beautiful vengeance upon my forehead. So its another three months of avoiding high copper foods like, avocado, nuts and seeds, mushrooms and of course very minimal amount of sugar, including fruit. Then I re-test again and we take it from there. This isn’t a quick fix or process… but it is one that I am so glad to be doing. Much better than taking the medication and suppressing a symptom. This way, I will hopefully eradicate this issue instead and start to fully live my life again. Although, as I said.. compared to last year, this is wonderful.

There is one subject we haven’t discussed….. My BOOBS!!

Well roll back 9 months, they were quite saggy/deflated when the operation was first done. Like being pregnant, once you have the baby,  you are left with saggy skin – which no one warned me about and freaked me out when I had my first sprog! However, the skin soon shrinks back and it’s pretty much the same for the boobies.  My skin is now tightening back to normal and as I am now eating more again,  after the first detox, I have gained three pounds in weight. Having put on this little bit of weight means they are also starting,  very slowly,  to fill out a little.  I am a very small ‘A’ cup, so I am not expecting miracles on the size front, but a normal ‘A’ cup that fills a bikini top would be a dream come true. The scaring is now getting smaller.. I had very long scar lines after explant, as I just wanted the bloody implants out with the capsules. To be honest, I don’t plan to be parading around naked in public any time soon.. so it really doesn’t matter one bit to me.

As my rheumatology appointment has been moved three times and I am now not due to see them until November 2017 – originally it was February, moved to April – I have booked an appointment with my GP to have the lump on my wrist looked at and hopefully she will agree to a few blood tests, just so I can keep an eye on my levels. I am hoping to get an CRP, ESR (which are both inflammatory markers) and the dreaded anti-CCP count done again (specific the RA). Fingers crossed they all come back completely and utterly normal for a healthy human – within a negative range – and I can prove that this was all a horrible misdiagnosis and down to the plastic boobs all along.

Until then.. stay healthy and thank you for all your support. xxx

The Histopathology Results Were In….

I was on my way to work when I got the call from my wonderful surgeon, Mr Haywood,  to give me the results of the Histopathology report. These results would show the analysis of my scar tissue for Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) , a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, (which is a cancer involving the cells of the immune system), and also if any of the silicone had leaked out,  even though the implants were not ruptured.

“Good News!” he stated. “ You don’t have ALCL” .

I was over the moon regarding this news. He then went on to give me the microscopy results…

They found silicone debris in my scar tissue.


Here is the report..


I had what is known as Gel Bleed. Gel Bleed is where the smaller silicone molecules diffuse through the intact implant shell. However you ask where the silicone goes or how the body gets rid of it.. not one of the medical professionals I have asked have been able to answer that very simple question. No one actually knows.

From these results I had so many questions of my own.. What happens now? How can I get the silicone out of my body? Could this be the reason my body is so inflamed and developed an autoimmune issue?

Of course the first thing I did was sit down at my laptop and get googling. I wanted to find out as much as I could about silicone and what affect it might have in my body.

The first study I came across was by a rheumatologist Dr Frank Vassey. He studied over 2000 women with mainly silicone filled breast implants. He noted from his perspective that “The immune system activation from silicone/silica causes a unique fibromyalgia syndrome.” (  The New York Journal of Style and Medicine )

The symptoms I had completely matched up with that of fibromyalgia, even more so than my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and in fact many women on the support group also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia!

He continues in this article…

“Usually local problems under the muscle occur first. The breast hardens and feels like a grapefruit or even a baseball (capsule formation). That is your macrophages in action. The immune system is responsible for wound healing and making scar tissue. The pain spreads into the muscles in the anterior chest, upper back and neck. Exercise tends to spread the silicone/silica debris making you feel worse. On the other hand, exercise makes psychologically-driven fibromyalgia better. “

Well, as we all know from my back story.. I also tick all the boxes for this.  In my report letter (above),  the histopathologist even states that there were focal foamy macrophages around the silicone debris in my scar tissue. If you are unsure what exactly macrophages do in our body, they are the cells of the immune system that circulate throughout the body and play a key role in an immune reaction. The good news is that Dr Vassey noted that the syndrome tends to stabilize and improve when you remove and do not replace the implants.  He believes the systemic illness is a function of the degree of excitability of the woman’s immune system to silicone/silica (implants are about 20% silica) coupled with the amount of the material exposed to the immune system.

He wasn’t the only expert to think along these lines…

In 2016 Dr Kappel,  a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from the Netherlands, LL Boer and H Dijkman from Department of Pathology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, in the Netherlands, studied a patient who died in 2008 at the age of 56 and had been exposed to gel bleed from her silicone breast implants for 17 years. She had complained numerous times to her GP from 1995 – 2004 before her death about many different symptoms, from painful breasts, a burning sensation of the breasts, lymph packages in the left armpit, severe memory function disorder, walking function disorder, sleeping disturbances, complaints about bowel function and skin disorders. She described an overall feeling of chronic illness and complained of sudden numbness of the legs.

This is what they found at her autopsy…

We found 2 types of silicone material in multiple tissue and brain samples of this patient. The first is a droplet-like form. EDX measurements demonstrated that the droplets are composed of elemental Si. The second is a plaque-like form; these structures are comprised of elemental Si and Ti (Titanium). Occasionally we found that these plaques were located inside the tissue without a lining and sometimes they were located inside the lumen of blood vessels. The use of EDX analysis over light microscopic examination only, is now a contributing factor for the establishment of silicone bleeding and migration throughout the whole body in high amounts.  ( Clinical Medical Review and Case Reports

Okay, so I can hear the doubters..this is just one women out of thousands that have breast implants. But what an amazing women she was to donate her body to medical science to prove that her implants were making her ill.  And lets not forget, this is full proof evidence that shows silicone has the ability to travel around the body, that it doesn’t just stay in the scar tissue.


Dr Sarah Myhill a UK Doctor also states on her website that..

” It is well recognised that the silicone bleeds out of the implants very readily and is widely distributed throughout the body by the reticulo-endothelial system.”  (reticuloendothelial system a network of cells and tissues found throughout the body, especially in the blood, general connective tissue, spleen, liver, lungs, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.)

She continues

Silicone is tough molecule which cannot be broken down by any biological enzyme system. It is a plastic – plastic bags do not even rot down in a compost heap! However, in some patients the immune system tries to break down the silicone. This causes inflammation wherever the silicone ends up. Because the largest part of our body is made up of muscle, connective tissue and skin, I commonly see symptoms here.

However, the long term effects are far more malign. This stems from the fact that silicone cannot be broken down by any enzyme system in the body, is engulfed by macrophages, carried to distant sites by embolisation and there it acts as an immune adjuvant, stimulating immune activity. This means that these patients may suffer from multisystem disease.

Therefore, we see disregulation of the immune system with:

  1. Autoimmunity, eg mixed connective tissue disease,demyelinating conditions such as MS, autoimmune endocrinopathies, vasculitis and myopathies;
  2. Chronic fatigue syndromes;
  3. Disregulation of the immune system leading to multiple allergies which may be to foods, to chemicals, to inhalants, or to micro organisms.

(Taken from Dr Sarah Myhills Website)

The Arthritis Trust of America (ATA) also published a report of Silicone Arthritis and Related Diseases back in 1994. Even back then they noted at the beginning of their article how women had been questioning their earlier decision to implant after suffering major disabilities as a result. When this article was first published,  the FDA had placed restrictions on the use of silicone breast implants, which at the time was the nations largest class-action law suit for  $4.7 billion as the result of implant damage to women. The report covers what they class as “slow leakage” or “bleeding” of the silicone gel from the implants, which over 20 years later, we now call ‘gel bleed’. This is what the authors had to say about what happens to the silicone….

There is slow leakage (“bleeding”) of the silicone gel from the implants through the semi-permeable membrane envelope and also into and through the capsule that surrounds the implants. This is picked up by the macrophages (scavenger cells) of our immune system and is broken down inside these cells which travel all over the body. The gel breaks down into Silica (SiO2)  and Silicon (Si) which causes an immune system dysregulation. Thus there are antibodies produced against the silicon and also against the silicon and protein complex (organ systems) so that one suffers from an auto-immune illness.

it continues…


There is also damage that is not related to the immune system because the silicone gel causes oxidants (damaging molecules) to be produced that directly damage our cell walls, DNA, and enzyme systems. All of this adds up to slowly developing chronic debilitating illness affecting every organ system of the body.

and there was more about the symptoms…

According to Stephen Edelson, M.D.2, Immune Disorder Symp- toms, sometimes occurring within months of implant, but often occurring 15 to 20 years after surgical implant, include the following: Peripheral Neuropathy (weakness, tingling, numbness, etc.), Central neurotoxic Neuropathy (cognitive difficulties, memory problems, hyperactivity, attention deficits), Cervical and axillary enlarged or painful lymph nodes, fatigue, malaise, weight gain/weight loss, joint and tendon pain, hair loss, dry eyes & mouth, flu-like symptoms, burning skin, constipation, dizziness, enlarged lymph nodes, depres- sion, thyroid problems, hair loss, night sweats, fibromyalgia (multiple tender areas), Myositis (painful inflamed muscles), abdominal pain, emotional instability, chemical sensitivity, food sensitivity, and Pul- monary Hypersensitivity (shortness of breath).

It is believed that these are only the most observable symptoms. Some patients are only moderately ill, while others suffer damage to more than one organ of the body.

Some people who have Silicone Implant illnesses have been diagnosed by their physicians with Lupus, Raynaud’s Sjogren’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Scle- rosis. (ATA – Silicone Arthritis and Related Diseases)


So yet another report that not only states that the macrophages can carry the silicone to other parts of the body, but seems to hit the nail on the head 22 years on with the symptoms.  So what now… If your body can’t break down the silicone and get rid of it naturally, how do you get the silicone out of your body?

Unfortunately there isn’t any science based studies on the subject of detoxing silicone that I have found. Why? Because silicone implants are not seen as a problem within the medical world. According to the experts.. silicone is inert. I beg to differ.

Dr Edelson,  who was one of the authors of the ATA report mentioned above, noted down a possible way of healing. A form of therapy from silicone gel bleed and to help the body recover. He states..

During the course of therapy, many different, often unique, approaches are recommended, usually of one or another form of antioxidant therapy, coupled with proper diet, exercise, and other treatments. 

Also on the Healing Breast Implant Illness website is a whole page dedicated to detoxification of breast implant toxicity. This was put together by Nicole Daruda, a lady who has also gone down her own journey of recovering from breast implants and the illnesses it caused her. If it wasn’t for her dedication and beliefs that knowledge is power and she hadn’t collated all the incredible information she has found during her own personal journey  by putting it into a fantastic website to inform other women, a lot of us would still be in the dark. Her immense knowledge and understanding of  what is needed to heal from these toxic bags has been invaluable to me and many others alike.  Thanks to Nicole’s website, I also found out about the chemical and heavy metal poisoning that implants add to the toxic load within our bodies.

Implants are made up of numerous chemicals. No one can get the lists of exactly what is in a breast implant, because the manufactures won’t give us the information. I’ve emailed them and asked, as have many other women.. and the response I got on email from NAGOR was this…

Please see the information regarding our Implants below:
The Barrier Layer: All Nagor Implants are manufactured with high performance silicone elastomer layers to enhance shell integrity and have a unique 360o degree barrier layer to minimise gel diffusion. Texturing: Nagotex® is the unique silicone shell surface designed to encourage tissue adherence to promote a clean interface for a more secure fit.
The Fill: Cohesive silicone gel.

Soooo informative !!

What we do know is that to seal an implant during the manufacturing process, they are are dipped in platinum,  as noted by the FDA (The U.S Food and Drug Administration) website…

Platinum is a metal used as a catalyst in the manufacture of the shell and gel components of silicone breast implants. Because small amounts of platinum remain in the product following manufacturing, concerns have been raised that platinum may enter the body, either by diffusing through the intact shell or through an implant rupture, and cause adverse effects. ( FDA Backgrounder on Platinum in Silicone Breast Implants)

There have been numerous studies on this topic over the years showing that there have indeed been high levels of platinum seeping through implants,  however the conclusion by the FDA is as follows…

Some studies have shown that small quantities of platinum may bleed through an intact implant shell and be present in trace amounts (parts per billion) in surrounding tissue. However, these results need to be confirmed using a larger number of subjects. Other studies have serious scientific flaws that raise concerns about the validity of their results and conclusions. Even if the analytical results of large, well controlled studies were to show relatively high levels of platinum in biological samples, the toxicological significance would still need to be determined.

Based on the existing literature, FDA believes that the platinum contained in breast implants is in the zero oxidation state, which would pose the lowest risk, and thus that the small amounts of platinum that leak through the shell do not represent a significant risk to women with silicone breast implants. FDA will continue to review and analyze the literature on the issue of platinum in breast implants, as part of its ongoing assessment of the safety of these devices. (FDA Backgrounder on Platinum in Silicone Breast Implants)

This however was not the case for Barbara Stanistreet, author of The Boobie Trap.  Her book takes you through her personal 30 year journey battling with her debilitating health issues since silicone breast implants were placed into her body after a double mastectomy. She went through three sets of implants, the first set rupturing, the second set being PIP and the third set being banned by the USA because of serious safety concerns. One of the many doctors Barbara encountered on her desperate road to health was a Dr Harbut and he  believed that she was showing symptoms similar to the profile of an individual being exposed to platinum salts. Barbara had tests done on her last set of implants by a laboratory in Tennessee and they confirmed the presence of platinum in both the shells and the gels but in far greater amounts than is permissible for occupational exposure! No wonder she was so ill.

So not only did I have to work out how to get rid of the possibly free roaming silicone in my body, I also needed to find out if I had any heavy metals and/or possible platinum in my body and try and get that out too.

Cue major detox.

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Epsom Salt Bath Detox

This is a firm favourite in my detox regime and I also find it incredibly relaxing, especially when the horrible anxieties take control of my brain or I start to have niggley pains in my bones!! Having had a compromised immune system for the last year, these baths have helped me try and get rid of any heavy metals and neutralise any toxins that I may have left in my body from the silicone implants.

As our skin is our largest organ, it’s also our main detox organ.  That’s why I love this detox bath as it is so beneficial for us during our explant and the following months after. Epsom salts are made up from magnesium and sulphate which our skin can easily absorb. Using them in the bath stimulates the lymph system and increases the oxygen flow around out bodies, which aids detoxification of the nasties.  They also support your liver and can help with die-off symptoms if you are eliminating candida, parasites and pathogens (bad bacteria in your gut).

The sulphate in the Epsom salts is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-depressant and helps to detoxify our bodies. We need sulphate to make stomach acid and stimulate the pancreas to form digestive enzymes, they help break down the food into useful components. It also helps to keep our precious gut wall healthy from a syndrome called leaky gut.  It is also a necessary salt to help detoxify our bodies.

Soaking in a deep bath of Epsom salts will also help boost the magnesium levels in your body as they are so easily absorbed. This also helps our muscles to relax and that’s why taking one of these baths before bed, is the perfect time.

This is how I take my Epsom Salt bath with a few added extras to really detox.

Water Temperature

This was my first big question when I started having these baths. I sometimes use hot water, if I want a sweat out the toxins, but I find this can dry out my skin and strip it of its protective oils. If I have a hot bath, I am only in it for 20 minutes max and then I get out the bath carefully (sometimes it can make you feel a bit dizzy) and have a cool shower. I do prefer to use warm water as I can really soak in the bath for  30 to 40 minutes.  This then allows enough time for the body to remove toxins and absorb all those beneficial minerals in the bath.

Essentail oils

I also like to add in an essential oil to take away from the smell of the apple cider vinegar,  I mainly use lavender but you can also use tea tree oil and rose essential oil too.

French Green Clay

Clay removes chemicals, toxins and pollutants from the body and traps them. If I am feeling super indulgent I also put a clay face mask on at the same time.

Himalayan Salts

Another added bonus that helps to draw out the toxins and cleanse the body.


Epsom Bath Detox 

  • 2 cups of Epsom Salts
  • 2 Tbsp of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp or a large handful of French Green Clay
  • 1 cup of himalayan salts (optional)
  • 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda if you do not have filtered water.


I try and have one of these baths 2-3 times a week.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. xx