Sarah – Oxfordshire

Implant date:16/04/2006 (2nd set first where rejected by my body as PIP)
Implant Surgeon: Mr Blaschke Transform 
Implant Manufacturer: Allergan 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone Textured Shell not sure 
Duration implanted: 11 years

Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, brain fog/confusion, hair loss, silicone deposits in lymph nodes, severe arthritic pains in hip joints, shoulder and neck pain, nausea, headaches every morning due to toxins

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture:

Explant Date: 27/04/17 (possibly sooner)
Explant Surgeon: NHS tbc

Full or part capsulectomy

State of implants

Histopathology results

Additional information:

1month post explant:

6 months post explant:

Annette – South East

Implant date: Dec 03
Implant Surgeon: Brent Tanner, Bupa/Spire Tunbridge Wells
Implant Manufacturer: Silimed 285 cc
Silicone or Saline: Silicone Polyurethane, 1st and only set
Textured Shell : Yes
Duration implanted: just short of 14yrs

Symptoms: progression to HASHIMOTOS Thyroid disease, Adrenal issues, Muscle Pain & Weakness, Fatigue, unexplained Chronic Back pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, Short term and Long term Memory issues, Lack of Concentration and Brain Fog, Confusion, Skin rashes, Hair Loss, Sores on my Scalp and Hair Line, Dry bloodshot Eyes, Blurred Declining Vision, Sinus Infections, Hormonal issues resulting in HRT, Heart Palpitations, Breathlessness, Severe Anxiety, Chronic Insomnia, Depression with Suicidal Feelings, Frequent need to Urinate along with Stress Incontinence, Low  Body Temperature and always feeling cold, Food Intolerances, Brittle Nails,  Body Aches, Electric Jolts to body, Water Retention, Leg Swelling, Body Puffiness, Chronic Inflammation. Inability to work 

Autoimmune Diagnosis: Just prior to Implants I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism – an Under Active Thyroid 

Capsular Contracture: No

Explant Date: Oct 16
Explant Surgeon:  Dr Kappel in the Netherlands

Full or part capsulectomy: My surgeon got nearly all of the Capsules out but not all sadly. They were placed over the muscle.

State of implants: Confirmed Gel Bleed, implants were yellow and wrinkled with loss of volume as both my implants were no longer filled with its contents. The textured surfaced looked very flaky and they smelled really chemically and all slimy 

Histopathology results: No sign of (pre) malignancy. 
Reported Fibrosis and Chronic Inflammation with locally Strong Eosinophils Infiltrate and Local Histolytic reaction to Silicone. 

Additional information: Explant Operation went very well, no complications, minimal scaring. I did not have a lift. I had drains for 3 days and no antibiotics. I reacted to plaster tape which resulted in blisters and was painful

1 month Plus post explant:

Had surprising energy the first week after explant and whilst I was in Holland but crashed after day 8. BII Symptoms were bad and I was very very depressed, low energy and in pain. Hair loss got worse. Noticed Skin eruptions underneath my jaw line and cheek area that appeared which I had not seen before. Also Weird skin sores on my scalp and hair line that got more pronounced right after explant. I am still experiencing this but not as bad. General I am very up and down, better days and then bad days. Poor energy levels. Notice I don’t feel so cold and my body temperature seems more regulated. Back pain, general aches and pains have improved. I don’t seem to need as much thyroid medication which is good so have managed to reduce this. Still feel generally unwell and still not sleeping very good. My body doesn’t feel on such high alert which I like. Some days my eyes are brighter and not blood shot anymore. Blurry vision is still with me, worse some days more than others, I don’t seem to need the loo as often and stress incontinence is more or less non-existent. Sometimes my chest feels lighter and I can breath better but not always like others report and can be worse in the morning apron waking. Still get the feeling like I have been slept on and I still get heart palpitations. My nails have started growing and my hair isn’t coming out as much (what is left of it as is very fine) Anxiety gets to me sometimes but not bad like it was with implants. Body swelling especially my legs is still apparent. My body still feels quite inflamed despite eating clean and taking a host of supplements.  I feel this is also down to vaccine poisoning (I stupidly had a load of them a couple of years ago) I also have quite a few amalgam fillings so I am looking into addressing these issues that will help with my overall detoxing. I also have both MTHFR gene issues which doesn’t help

6 months post explant: TBA

Anonymous – Channel Islands

Implant date: 1980
Implant Surgeon: Mr Freddie Nicolle (retired)
Implant Manufacturer: unknown prob Dow Corning 
Silicone or Saline: silicone
Textured Shell: unknown
Duration implanted: 38 years - 1 set only 

Symptoms: rib pain, arthritis,  facial rash, palpitations,paresthesia,cough, sunlight sensitivity, dry eyes, skin, ridged nails. Swollen lymph nodes in armpit. Puckering under right breast.  

Autoimmune Diagnosis: suspected RA/Lupus but not showing in bloods -inflammation  can be seen on finger and toe joints

Capsular Contracture: unknown

Explant Date: Tbc
Explant Surgeon: TBC 

Full or part capsulectomy:
State of implants : unsure – suspected rupture but told not an issue

Histopathology results: None as yet

Additional information: filed as a complainant with Dow Corning  in 1990 but needed proof of type of implant. Contacted surgeon’s secretary. Surgeon had retired and was informed my records had been destroyed. Had to drop law suit as no proof. Decided against replacement with saline. 

1month post explant:

6 months post explant:

Frances – York

Implant date: 21st August 2006.
Implant Surgeon: Mr Clarke at Transform Manchester.
Implant Manufacturer: MHP
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell: Yes
Duration implanted: 10 years 6 months

Symptoms: Stiff sore neck and shoulders, Frequent headaches, Stiff grinding thumbs and fingers, Extreme tiredness, Stiff cracking jaw, Low iron count

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture:
When .

Explant Date:
Explant Surgeon:

Full or part capsulectomy:
State of implants

Histopathology results

Additional information:

1month post explant:
6 months post explant:

Lauren – Nottingham

Implant date : May 2010
Surgeon : Mr Bhorghini. Transform 
Implant manufacturers: Allergan 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell: unknown
Duration Implanted: 6.5 years


Symptoms : vertigo, travel sickness, headaches daily, visual disturbances left eye, nausea, vitamin b12 deficiency , oral thrush / geographic tongue, hair falling out, symptoms of MS tingling hands fingers, numbness, leg weakness, restless legs and hypothyroidism symptoms, metabolism low. Weight gain, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia ( for no reason) . Neck ache back ache , painful knees ? Arthritis . Gall bladder issues. Constipation. Frequent urination. 

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture: No capsular contracture but left implant ? Moved/ flipped. (Turned out to be ruptured)


Explant date: 27/01/17
Explant Surgeon: Mr Nishikawa

Full or part capsulectomy: No capsulectomy
State of implants: Implants in poor condition one ruptured, puss surrounding left implant 

Histopathology Results:NAD

3 weeks post op: all symptoms gone except tongue issues, hair loss is slowing down . 

Maria – West Sussex

Implant date: 2005
Implant Surgeon: Peter Arnstein
Implant Manufacturer: not sure
Silicone or Saline: silicone
Textured Shell: unknown 
Duration implanted: 12 years

Symptoms: memory loss, joint pain, breast cancer 3 years ago, lack of self esteem

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture:
When .

Explant Date: waiting for date possibly March the surgeon said
Explant Surgeon: Stuart James, Gatwick Spire

Full or part capsulectomy: will be full
State of implants:

Histopathology results:

Additional information: on behalf of my sister:- she has been under the memory clinic for two years and can’t find out what is wrong, had MRI and PET scans but breasts are in a bad way, encapsulated from radiotherapy from the breast cancer treatment. Poor memory started three years prior to her breast cancer, therefore doctors try to blame her radiotherapy which has happened, they are so wrong! 

1 month post explant:

6 month post explant:

Debbie C – Kent

Implant date: 2008
Implant Surgeon: Mr Norris 
Implant Manufacturer: Silimed 
Silicone or Saline: silicone 
Textured Shell: textured
Duration implanted: 9 years
Symptoms: hair loss, extreme fatigue, since capsular contracture 3 months ago I’ve had muscle aches, brain fog, night sweats, choking feeling, pains in feet and hands 
Autoimmune Diagnosis: pending 

Capsular Contracture: Yes
When: 2016

Explant Date: Awaiting 
Explant Surgeon: Mr Kasem 

Full or part capsulectomy:
State of implants:

Histopathology results:

Additional information:
1 month post explant:
6 months post explant:

Sam – London

Implant date: Feb 2002
Implant Surgeon:  Mr Chantarasak – Transform
Implant Manufacturer: McGhan Ltd
Silicone or Saline: 340g Silicone, style 120
Textured Shell: Yes
Duration Implanted:15 years

Symptoms: Headaches, Migraines, Chronic fatigue, Extreme exhaustion, Poor and unrefreshing sleep, insomnia, sleep paralysis. Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog/difficulty concentrating/memory loss), Muscle pain and weakness.Muscle spasms. Sore and aching joints (especially back, neck and shoulders). Slow muscle recovery after activity.Extreme morning stiffness. Fevers/night sweats/intolerance to heat. Dry skin and eyes. Visual disturbances. Vertigo.Dizziness, light headedness, balance problems. Slow clearing colds and flues. Dry, sore throat (especially at night). Fungal infections/yeast infections/candida. Sinus infections/allergic rhinitis. Ear ringing. Skin rashes. Sudden food intolerances and allergies. Swollen and tender lymph nodes in breast area, underarm, neck and throat, Bouts of dehydration. Frequent urination, urgency, pain and bladder weakness. Painful vaginal and anal muscle spasms. Crippling menstrual cramps uand heavy periods. Pain and discomfort during and after intercourse. Bad circulation and numbness in hands and feet, especially upon waking. Chest pain, Shortness of breath. Pain, both constant and shooting, around implants. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Heart palpitations/heart racing. IBS symptoms (bloating/constipation/diarrhoea/nausea). Sensitivity to light, heat, sound, smells. Intolerance to alcohol and caffeine. Hypersensitive/adverse reactions to medications. 

Autoimmune Diagnosis: Diagnosis’ of CFS & Fibromyalgia
When: Aug 2014

Explant Date: 9th Jan 2017
Explant Surgeon: Mr Whitby
Full or part Capsulectomy: Full Capsulectomy

State of Implants: Intact.. orange and blood stained
Histopathology results: None

Additional Information: Migraines, Interstitial cystitis, Endometriosis, IBS, Raynaud’s syndrome, Depression and anxiety.

1 month post explant:  My skin is clearer and I’ve noticed being able to breathe more clearly through my nose.  The numbness in my hands and feet has massively reduced. My friends keep commenting on how well I look, how good my skin and hair looks and how I seem to have a more positive energy/vibe about me! I had one day where I remember feeling excited about life (I very rarely feel excitement, just anxiety), and my energy levels were very slightly better. Not so that I noticed I had more energy, more that I realised in hindsight I’d been able to push myself more and get more things done (I did crash hard after though).  I also play music every day and for the first time in a long time found myself dancing in my room! I had a little energy and inclination to do so naturally. Sounds minor, but from being mostly bedridden and hopeless that’s a good start! I’m also really happy and pleasantly surprised with how my boobs have fluffed up and now look which, after being prepared for the worst, is really encouraging.
6 months post explant:

Sarah – Lymington

Implant date:1st set: June 5th 1998 age 21
             2nd set: 2012 
Implant Surgeon: 1st set: can't remember
                2nd set: Dr Hurren 
Implant Manufacturer: 1st set: McGann 210ml textured round implant.
                      2nd set: Silimed natural 245ml 
Silicone or Saline:1st set: Silicone
                  2nd set: Micro polyurethane foam covered silicone
Textured Shell: yes
Duration implanted: 1st set: 14 years
                    2nd set: 4 years (still implanted)


Symptoms:  extreme fatigue, no energy, depressed. Acne when I had never had any skin problems.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: no

Capsular Contracture: I had a sort of weird air bubble you could seethrough my skin

Explant Date: 5th December 2012
Explant Surgeon: Dr Jeremy Hurren Spire Chichester
Full or part capsulectomy: He did not remove the capsule but opened up the old capsule took the old implant out and put the new ones inside them.

State of implants: intact
Histopathology results: non taken

Additional information: I did not know at this time about BII and just had them changed due to the bubble in the implant. I saw a homeopath a year after my first implants as I felt really awful and suddenly got acne, extreme tiredness, sensitivities etc.. and he thought even back then It was my implants but everyone told me theywere fine. 

1 month post explant: sore

6 months post explant: extreme fatigue, diagnosed with M.E. I have
really really dry skin, irritable bowl syndrome, extreme hair loss.
Dry itchy scalp, weak limbs, weak muscles. Extreme brain fog, can’t
seem to get my words out. Anxiety, back and  neck pain. Sensitivity to
foods I didn’t have before. Chronic sinus infections ( on my 4th
operation!) where I am on antibiotics pretty much every couple of
months. I catch everything going around. I currently have an upper respiratory track infection as well as a sinus infection and have been in bed for five days.
Weight loss, inflammation in my face which comes and goes. My body
feels like it has aged.


Symptoms:  I have regular heart palpitations, Dizziness and feeling faint. My stomach inside is a mess and I can barely eat sometimes. I also struggle with swallowing. Tingling in my fingers. Ear ringing. I currently have an upper respiratory track infection as well as a sinus infection and have been in bed for five days. Weight loss, inflammation in my face which comes and goes. My body feels like it has aged. I have the same symptoms from 6 months post explant: extreme fatigue, still have M.E. I have really really dry skin, irritable bowl syndrome, extreme hair loss. Dry itchy scalp, weak limbs, weak muscles. Extreme brain fog, can’t seem to get my words out. Anxiety, back and  neck pain. Sensitivity to foods I didn’t have before. Chronic sinus infections ( on my 4th operation!) where I am on antibiotics pretty much every couple of months. I catch everything going around.

Autoimmune Diagnosis:

Capsular Contracture: no
When .

Explant Date: TBC
Explant Surgeon: TBC
Full or part capsulectomy: 

State of implants: 
Histopathology results:

Additional information: I went to see Dr Hurren, my explant surgeon, in December last year to discuss implant removal and he thought I would look deformed if I had them out and BII was a load of rubbish! I am now seeing a different surgeon next week (Feb 2017) regarding having them out. I don’t need someone to believe me I just want them to want to do a good job when operating on me. He also said that women who say they have rid themselves of their symptoms after having implants out are just experiencing the placebo effect.

1 month :

6 months: