Zoe S – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Implant date: November 2007
Implant Surgeon: Dr Ng West London Clinic 
Implant Manufacturer: Allergan (TSM implants)
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell:
Duration implanted: 9 years

Symptoms: started 7 years ago. 2 yrs after implant.Brain Fog!!!!!!!!! Terrible memory. Excessive sweating. Achy & inflamed joints & lymph glands. Back shoulder neck pain. Hearing problems. Bad night vision driving. Blurred vision and floaters in front of eyes for days at a time. B12 deficiency. Iron deficiency. Food allergies. Big Menstrual disturbances. Biggest issue to date, choking sensation when eating, regurgitation of food, feeling like I have a fist between my chest. Thick stringy frothy saliva. No bile in my stomach.Difficulty swallowing which progressed to severe over 5 years.  I weighed 6st 12.  Could barely eat – liquidised diet(Vegan)!! 3 x throat dilations. Barium drink test x 2 .MRI. Gastroscop.Further testing to measure oesophageal muscle contractions. Diagnosis of Achalasia – major keyhole surgery May 2016.  (I found out this is another side effect of breast implants and after explanted these symptoms disappeared in others) gutted!!!! Guess what symptoms slowly returning, food getting stuck again November 2016 😳 waiting explant date with Prof Drew. Weight loss / body fat all gone. Fainting. Heart palpitations. Tremors. Dizziness. Chronic Fatigue. Depression.Suicidal thoughts. Tingling numb hands and feet. Aching arms. Ibs symptoms (whatever ibs is). Urine infections – cystitis urinating blood within 3 hrs. Dark circles to eyes. Sunken cheeks. Dry skin , mouth, eyes . Large red bumps on forehead and under neck area that last for weeks!  Slow skin healing. Recurrent candida. Acne. Asthma . Chest infections (also told this could have been food particles in my lungs from food not being digested properly – disgusting).Hair loss ( had hair exts for thickness for 2 yrs).How much has this cost me 😳 thank god for empowered women! 

Autoimmune Diagnosis: yes but through thyroid specialist (non NHS as they kept insisting I was fine) hypothyroidism, reynauds disease.
When: 2015 

Capsular Contracture: yes unilateral right
When: sept 2016

Explant Date: to be confirmed 
Explant Surgeon: Professor Drew

Full or part capsulectomy: Full
State of implants tbc 🙏🏼

Histopathology results tbc 🙏🏼

Additional information:

1 month post explant:

6 months post explant:

Cassie – London

Implant date: 2006
Implant Surgeon: Transform 
Implant Manufacturer: Unknown
Silicone or Saline: Silicone 
Textured Shell: 
Duration implanted: 10 years

Symptoms: exhaustion/fatigue, restless legs, dizzy spells, constipation, chest pressure, blurred vision, extreme thirst, palpitations, anxiety, ‘tired & wired’ feeling, shallow breathing, muscle aches, brain fog/ cognitive dysfunction, forgetfulness, exercise intolerance, caffeine/alcohol intolerance, headaches, nausea, cold hands & feet, night sweats, hair loss, insomnia, skin rashes, frequent infections, thrush/candida, light & sound sensitivity, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycaemic symptoms.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: adrenal fatigue & thyroid issues 
When- since 2013

Capsular Contracture: don't know 
When .

Explant Date: postponed 
Explant Surgeon: Mr Tyler 
Full or part capsulectomy:

State of implants
Histopathology results

Additional information:


1month post explant:

6 months post explant:

Odette – Scotland

Implant date: Nov 2008 
Implant Surgeon: Dr sulaiman - Dublin. 
Implant Manufacturer: Eurosillicone
Silicone or Saline: Silicone 
Textured Shell : yes 
Duration implanted: 8 years 

Symptoms: Fatigue, dizziness, joint pain, mouth ulcers, exhaustion, brain fog, anixitey, tingling in hands and feet, dry skin hair, hair loss, teeth, gum disease, gut issues , lower back pain. B12 deficiency. Depression, out of body like feeling. Neurological problems. Toxic body odour. Eye ulcers due to inflammation. No sex drive.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: possible lupus or bechets disease 
When: waiting for diagnosis 

Capsular Contracture: no 
Explant Date: 4th April 2016 
Explant Surgeon: Mr Whitby, Manchester 
Full or part capsulectomy: full 
State of implants: brand new looking. 

Histopathology results: N/A

Additional information:

9 months post explant : majority of symptoms gone apart from gut issue and mouth ulcers. Feel 80% better than this time last year.

Michelle – Manchester

Implant date: 1999
Implant Surgeon: Mr Cairns - Transform
Implant Manufacturer: pip
Silicone or Saline: Silicone
Textured Shell:  Textured
Duration implanted: 18 years 

Symptoms:seizures, muscle weakness neurological symptoms, fits, brain fog, bladder incontinence, parasthsia,shoulder,back pain, pins and needles, numbness, toxic body odour,dry eyes thyroid diagnosis, underactive, reproductive symptoms large mass of fibroids, heavy blood loss,hair loss, ibs,fainting spells, memory loss, out of body episodes like trance, shortness of breath, eye sensitivity in daylight,and much much more!

Autoimmune Diagnosis:hypothyroid, possible others being investigated
When: 2015

Capsular Contracture: yes
When: findings on explant left side

Explant Date:  8th of December 2015
Explant Surgeon: Mr Debonno

Full or part capsulectomy: full
State of implant: some intact but soggy, other, left decomposing and of different material and composition, gel bleed

Histopathology results:silicone migration and unknown substance said to be foreign 

Additional information: immediate health improvement after explant

1month post explant:

6 months post explant: 90 percent better, just muscle weakness, feel it could be all the heavy metals and iron deficiency.

Angela – Glasgow

Implant date: 1st set 1999 and  2nd set 2006
Implant Surgeon: 1st set Mr Mc kay and 2nd set Mr Webster both NHS
Implant Manufacturer: 1st set Mentor 2nd set McGhan
Silicone or Saline: Silicone (both)
Textured Shell: yes (both)
Duration implanted: 1st set 7 years and 2nd set 10 years

Symptoms: Chronic fatigue / Tinnitus / Tremors / Numbness and Tingling in Upper and Lower Limbs / Pain / Confusion/ Disorientation/ Weakness in legs, arms and trunk / Balance problems/ Dizziness/ Restless legs/ Decline in vision/Blurred Vision/ Forgetfulness/Short term Memory loss/Muscle Pain/Muscle Weakness / Joint Pain /Joints Clicking / Vertigo / IBS / Sudden Food intolerances and Allergies/ Hair loss/ Skin Rashes/ Weak and Brittle Nails /Skin Tags / Depression /Mood Swings / Hormonal Imbalances /Headaches / Severe Lower Back Pain / Hip Pain / Inability to Walk Long Distances / Inability to Stand Longer Than 20/30 Minutes/ Frequent need to Urinate/ Heart Palpitations/ Aching Joints, Shoulders, Neck , Hips, Backbone, Hands and Feet/ Chest Cavity Pain, Shortness Of Breath / Pain and Burning around Implant Area/ Anxiety/ Panic Attacks/ Jaw Clenching, Grinding Teeth/ Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia / Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Autoimmune Diagnosis: 2nd set Fibromyalgia and ongoing tests
When: July 2016

Capsular Contracture: yes 1st set
When: 2005

Explant Date: 1st set 2006 and 2nd set 2016
Explant Surgeon: 1st set Mr Webster and 2nd set Mr Whitby

Full or part capsulectomy: Left Capsulectomy 2006 and full Capsulectomy 2016

State of implants: 2nd set both implants were yellow, musty smelling, oldness smelling and white particles attached to shell.

Histopathology results: None

Additional information: MRI test to be done on 6/12/16 of Spine and pelvis


1 month post explant: Can breathe better, chest cavity pain gone, hair loss less, more energy, sleeping better, pins and needles gone, dizziness gone, vertigo better, anxiety better, mood better, lost 14 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes in 10 weeks. Inflammation gone, skin clearer, muscle aches improved, can walk longer distances.

6 months post explant:

Louise – Cornwall

Implant date: 2006 
Implant Surgeon: Mr Morris 
Implant Manufacturer: McGhan 
Silicone or Saline: Silicone (soft touch)
Textured Shell yes: textured shell
Duration implanted: 10 years 
Symptoms: pins and needles, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression
Autoimmune Diagnosis: blood work suggested autoimmune disorder. Referred to Rheumatologist but was after explant. 

Capsular Contracture: yes in right side 
When . 

Explant Date: Sept 2016 
Explant Surgeon: Prof Drew 
Full or part capsulectomy: Full Capsulectomy 
State of implants:  Left was leaking 

Histopathology results:

Additional information: 
1 month post explant: Immediately felt better after explant. Had a slight crash at about 8 weeks
6 months post explant: not there yet

Sandra – Manchester

Implant date: Jan 2004 
Implant Surgeon:  Mr Cajano               
Implant Manufacturer : PIP      
Silicone or Saline: Silicone               
Textured Shell:                    
Duration implanted: 5 years  

Symptoms: chronic Fatigue, brain Fog, memory loss,  neurological, pain, thyroid, Gerd – gut issues , bone pain, fibromyalgia diagnoses, palpitations. 

Autoimmune diagnosis?:      
When :                                  

Capsular Contracture? :         
When:                                    .

Explant Date: 2009 however I had to have the scar capsule removed in 2016 as symptoms continued
Explant Surgeon: Dr Kolb in 2016   
Full or part capsulectomy: Partially capsulectomy 
Intact. Second surgery to remove scar capsule in 2016 as symptoms continued 

State of implants:

Histopathology results:       

Additional information: Feeling better, improving daily  

1month post explant:

6 months post explant:  Feeling better, improving daily    


Implant date: 7/10/2005 
Implant Surgeon: Riccardo Frati 
Implant Manufacturer: PIP 
Silicone or Saline: silicone 
Textured Shell: Yes 
Duration implanted:11yrs

Symptoms: chronic fatigue. Inflammation. Painful swollen joints. Painful Wrists couldn’t drive for months. Also felt like I broke my arm! (I’m under a rheumatologist)Numb and pins and needles in arms hands and legs and feet. Painful Stiff neck and head pressure. Brain fog. Dry eyes and blurred vision ( under an eye specialist). Dry mouth. Breathless and palpitations had many ECG’s. Dizziness and Vertigo. Blisters on the back of my legs. puffy face. Food sensitivities and allergies. Hard Lump on my arm for 3 months then went?! Flu symptoms. Early Decayed teeth. A cough to clear my throat. Constant UTI’s passing blood on antibiotics for most of the time I’ve had implants to clear infections. Dare I say “Gas”. Poor memory and concentration. Weak and exhausted. Implants Stole 11yrs of my life!

Autoimmune Diagnosis: Sjogren's disease,Behçet's disease & Reynard's
When: 2014

Capsular Contracture: no

Explant Date: 04/11/2016 
Explant Surgeon: Professor Iain Whittaker
Full or part capsulectomy: Kept capsules in as they were not visible. I was told!
State of implants: Right ruptured

Histopathology results: NA

Additional information:

1 month post explant:

6 months post explant:

Kathy – West Sussex England

Implant date: 20th March 1997
Implant Surgeon: Dr William Norris
Implant Manufacturer:Cloverleaf
Silicone or Saline:Silicone (explant showed then as silicone although thought they were saline!)
Textured Shell:Yes
Duration implanted:19 years

Symptoms: Chronic Fatigue, Muscle /bone pain, chronic Urticaria (skin hives), shortness of breath, severe brain fog / memory loss, confusion, panic attacks, fainting, anaphylactic shock syndrome, many heightened allergies, hair loss, skin lesions, weight gain, swollen ankles, depression, anxiety, heavy period bleeding.

Autoimmune Diagnosis & When:   
1 = Angioedema diagnosed 2001,
2= Fibromyalgia diagnosed 2013
3= Chorionic Urticaria + Anaphylactic condition 1997
4= Hashimitos thyroidisum 2015

Capsular Contracture: No

Explant Date:16th September 2016
Explant Surgeon:Dr Susan Kolb (Atlanta Georgia USA)
Full or part capsulectomy: Yes. Both capsules were able to be removed although right capsule was ruptured and practically disintegrate.

State of Implants: Right capsule ruptured (mushy condition)             
Histopathology results: Gel bleed,Silicone Leakage left implant-50cc

Additional information: 5 lymph nodes removed as full of silicone (4   from right and 1 from left)                 

1 month post explant: 2-3 week euphoric, release & relief of brain fog, relief of back pain and ankle swelling- then experienced a crash paralysis / numbness in right leg suspected blood clot but cleared, large swelling under left breast, chronic fatigue, mood swings, herxing giddiness, night sweats.

10 weeks post explant: Good days are fabulous- stronger hair and nails and glowing skin color, clear head, Adrenal fatigue / heart arrhythmia & anxiety still a daily problem. Still following a full and complex detox protocol to eliminate silicon, antifungals / colon cleaning, bio toxin detoxification, Low mytoxin diet, candida, have more good days than bad.

3 months post explant:  Since explant September 16 th (20 year silicone ruptured right side implants ) I am ecstatic!!! My raging ferritin levels for 15 years due to chronic inflammation in my poor body has gone down from: 279.70 to 167.2 (12-250 range) first time ever I am in range. My doctor said stunning results after years of anaphylactic shock reactions , swollen painful joints , bloated Angio oedema attacks and chronic urticaria emergency admissions to hospital. They had tried everything to lower inflammation prior to having my toxic tits out, from  AIP low mytoxin diet , turmeric, garlic and coriander in green and celery juice every day for 18 months. Now the implants are out, my whole body has shrunk.
My vitamin D level has doubled and in range: From 46.6 to 116 .
My thyroid hashimitos antibodies have decreased first time in years just in last 10 weeks : from 41.6 to 11.4 !!! (0-34 range )
My thyroglobulin ( hashimitos ) antibodies from 915.3 to 695.6 cannot believe that has dropped . Still high as thyroid too damaged from BII but boy I am delighted .
My calcium is still high as have two adenoma tumours on my parathyroid glands caused again by BII that have to operated and removed in January 2017.
I am beyond happy with this news today and from my heart I hope this gives you all hope . The journey 10 years out of 20 have been long and hard the almost 6 hour surgery rupture lift and 5 lymph node removal was pretty full on and post explant the detox brutal,  very good days very bad days but today these results speak volumes … the body is healing . I am 54 and surgery result I am delighted with , post explant my hair skin nails clear, eyes and head,  I cannot stop smiling .